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Without A Word: True Personal Experiences From the Silent World of Animals


Paperback Retail Price- $15.00


Animals work from a silent world without words, yet in their own way, using actions, visual expressions, and body language, they are able to blend and communicate among their own world and with the verbal world of man. This collection of stories and photographs explores the silent world of animals through the author's personal experiences and a lifetime of living with a variety of domestic, wild and exotic animals.


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'Pon My Honor!: A Collection of Stories and Poems from the Country Side of Life


Paperback Retail Price- $12.95


Growing up in the mountains of Southwest Virginia in the 1950's and 60's was never dull. Most technical devices were still unheard of, so children made their own entertainment, using their imagination to come up with games. Some of those imaginations spawned actions not approved of by parents and led to instant consequences. Lessons were learned and learned well. The stories herein all come from the country side of life, from going to the drive-in movies to painting the back porch without permission, to going to the outhouse. If you grew up in the country, 'pon my honor, you will relate to them. Entertaining.

Alyster The Lonely Bull


Paperback Retail Price- $10.95


Alyster the Lonely Bull is about a lonely bull who prays for more cow friends. Through a series of disastrous mishaps, he learns he cannot force an answer to his prayers. Only by surrendering to the Lord will he find happiness on greener pastures. Delightful illustrations, the story line is based on Christian Bible principles and has a wonderful end to the story.

Easter Lilies: An Appalachia-Inspired Short Story Collection


Paperback Retail Price- $10.00


Easter Lilies carry with them a significant meaning. The flower is mentioned frequently throughout the Bible and serves today as a beautiful reminder of the significance of the Easter season. The flower graces homes and churches each spring as a symbol of purity, joy, hope and life. This short story collection, Easter Lilies, captures the very essence of the flower. Colorful and thoughtful, these stories are pure in their heartfelt joy and hope in their interpretation of the many petals that make up the beauty in our lives.

Marble Town


• Paperback Retail Price- $10.95 • Hardback Retail Price- $22.95


Marble Town tells the story of thirteen-year-old Cole Atwater whose mother was killed in an automobile accident when he was ten years old. Cole questions whether or not he will follow in the destructive footsteps of his best friend, cling to his childhood sweetheart, become further distant from his grieving father, or trust himself. Through mysterious clues left throughout the historic cemetery his mother tended, the story becomes one of hope, healing, and redemption.

Her Own Hero


• Retail Price- $10.95


A suspenseful women's fiction novel about a Vegas showgirl named Samantha whose life is turned upside down when Mr. Right turns out to be anything but. While Samantha makes a lot of bad choices along the way, she learns from each one, owning her mistakes. It isn't until she is in prison that it finally comes full circle. Themes of women's empowerment are heavy throughout the book. It is not only a thrilling suspense, but an empowering women's fiction novel sure to satisfy fans of books where the heroine reclaims her power (and her identity) despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

The Gave All Save Honor


• Retail Price- $17.95


Eden Stuart kept a journal during the tumultuous years of 1858-1870 detailing life in Federal City as southern senators left the Union to build a new country. An army and war brewed in Congress. Stuart's writings cover the troops encamped at Richmond; the battles fought at Bull Run, Chancellorsville, Seven Pines, Richmond and Appomattox, the deaths of Stonewall Jackson, Jeb Stuart, and General Lafayette, the surrender of the Confederacy. Also covered is the aftermath and the assassination of President Lincoln, Booth's co-conspirators, Johnson's impeachment and the restoration of the Union.

The Myth of Virtue: Histories' Lies of the Civil War


• Retail Price- $22.95


The author represents a very well researched and common sense approach to the causes and effects of the American Civil War. Mr. Salyer has created a very informative and enjoyable read that should be on the bookshelf of every student and history buff.Theories, causes and reasons abound for the definitive cause of the Civil War. However, author and Civil War enthusiast and reenactor, Robert Salyer provides a provocative and often unexplored insight behind the war that tore apart a burgeoning, new country. Readers will appreciate Salyer's research and knowledge of the events that led to the near destruction of a nation.

From the Fence: Gardening with God: One sense at a Time


• Retail Price- $10.95


The poverty of our senses both physical and spiritual is in ourselves not our surroundings. No matter where you call home, the heavens by night or day are as beautiful over your home as another. The lifestyle that we become immersed in decay our senses and cheat us of many treasures beyond price. The author takes the reader into the love of nature and God's Word and showing there are always new discoveries on every path. The reader will be immersed in their senses being delighted or sharpened.

Imprisoned Heart


• Retail Price- $7.00


A young woman, Andy Cedano, slips through the prison system as a young man. From the beginning, Andy was not supposed to be there, and certainly not have a man, Lenny, for a cellmate. She found herself attracted to her cellmate. How long could she keep her identity hidden? What would happen if Lenny found out that she was a woman? How could she explain? Would their friendship deepen or would Lenny reject her? Will honesty be enough to become the love story of their lives?

Trouble Inside The Magical Oak Tree


• Retail Price- $10.95


Alexander's first real adventure inside a magical oak tree is a ride you will want to go on more than once! Come meet all the creatures and enjoy the humor and action as you follow along with Alexander on this grand journey to the top, and you can decide what is real, and what may not be.

The Case of the Reprobate Raven: Series: Cherokee, Inc


• Retail Price- $12.95


This page turner captivates the reader with mystery, murder and a story that unravels to the end. Rose Martin of the series, Cherokee, Inc., begins a hunt for the brutal killer who chose a newcomer to the town as the victim. Rose, a private investigator, hunts for a brutal killer through grisly crime scenes. Follow her as she uncovers all of the strings that lead to why this happened.

A World Without Man


• Retail Price- $10.00


Consider a world without man. What would it look like? Would other animals rise up and become the dominant influence on the Earth? Why was man created and what is man's purpose on Earth? A personal view on the purpose of man.

Indian Summer


• Retail Price- $12.95


Just as soon as the beautiful drifter, Heather, finds peace of mind among the majestic blue mountains of the great Northwest, it is stripped away. Now, a familiar posse runs the town called Marigold and its mining community with their sharp and newly deputized claws. After finding out that this shot of evil has infected her life again and now rules everyone still left on the mountain, she quickly begins to search for the root source of its existence, before it poisons the people and the land itself forever.

Silence of the Bones - The Madison McKenzie Files


• Retail Price- $14.95


Madison and her dog discover a skull along the Appalachian Trail. Emotions over fow as she sees the empty eye sockets looking up at her. Madison feels pity for the lost one's life. She knows the feelings of abandonment; what it's like to be thrown out like trash. She wants to be the voice of the skull. She silently asks, "Who put you in this lonely place? How did you die? And who are you?" Madison's task is to solve the mystery of the broken heart but in the process, she uncovers secrets long hidden.

Adirondacks Artemis


• Retail Price- $9.95


Author D.L. Luke vividly portrays the intriguing tale of one of life's greatest fears-being lost in the wilderness. In Adirondacks, Artemis faces not only her present fears but fears for the future with only her dog and past experiences to guide her through her lonely introspection, her strengths, and weaknesses. Artemis and her dog are left deserted and alone with winter approaching, in the Adirondacks, with only a prayer and a hope for survival. Real and imaginary fears cloud Artemis's judgment, but not her desire to reach the county road and safety.

Musings from a Jonesborough Porch


• Retail Price- $9.95


This offering is of essays created, over time, while sitting on a delightful porch in Jonesborough, Tennessee's oldest town. The essays are of sightings from the porch itself and of musings on scenes and events remembered while enjoying the peaceful ambience that only a screened porch can afford.

Blinded by Obsession


• Retail Price- $12.95


After the death of her husband, Lucy moves to a new town where she unexpectedly meets Cole and eventually falls in love. However,

what she doesn’t know, there’s another man, the mysterious Rodney, who loves her and has been watching her from afar for weeks. Rodney becomes obsessed with Lucy. He’s disillusioned and believes she belongs to him, so if he can’t have her, no one will. He has to decide if he will kill Cole, Lucy or both. Will Cole be able to save Lucy, or will he die trying to protect his love? Or will Rodney be captured before he can inflict his wrath on them?

Things That Go Bump In The Night


• Retail Price- $10.95


No one was at the bus stop to get the children out of the violent winds, so they were on their own. Where were their parents? Why were the lights out and the phone lines cut at Mrs. Brown's house? What had happened to everyone? Who was walking upstairs in the old house? Was that a body they saw? Will they get caught? Follow the five children as they go through a terrifying time during the stormy night in Sleepy Hollow where things go bump in the night.

Moon River


• Retail Price- $14.95


In this debut novel from author Amber D. Tran, a tale of adolescence and heartbreak unfolds. Nine-year-old Abigail Kavanagh first meets Ryan Mills during the summer of 1999. A shy and awkward boy, Ryan hides behind his wide-framed glasses while Abigail is determined to learn everything there is to know about him. The next few summers are filled with birthday parties, adventures in and around the West Virginian mountainsides, and late night conversations where they share their most secretive and personal thoughts.


Their friendship starts to crumble when Abigail befriends the attractive and musical Lilly Anderson, a girl who is also interested in uncovering the mysterious nature surrounding Ryan. However, everything comes to an end the summer of 2004, and Abigail must decide if her new journey is worth traveling alone.

Wait for Me, Boys! Wait for Me! Growing Up on Clinch River and the Years Beyond: An Autobiographical Sketch


• Retail Price- $14.95


How could a small child's pleading to his friends, "Wait for me boys," become one of the most important requests of a lifetime? How could a promise to a parent become a life-shaping focal point, which seemed to be an unachievable ambition? How could religion be both a blessing and an insensitive malediction? Wait For Me, Boys! Wait For Me! settles these and many other uncertainties we all may have faced throughout our lives, while revealing a noticeable connection of life's events and purpose.His story allows the reader to realize that we truly are the ones who lived life to the fullest. His book is exceptionally rewarding."

Adventures of Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin: Piddle Diddle Goes To Hawaii -


• Retail Price- $9.95


The Adventures of Piddle Diddle, The Widdle Penguin, tells a story of an adventurous and mischievous penguin with lots of energy. Beautifully Illustrated with a yesteryear design, children will love reading how a small penguin does not allow size to become an obstacle. Entertaining and fun to read. Delightful.


A Place to Live: The Hope Series


• Retail Price- $14.95


Laura's parents wanted no part of her baby, nor did her boyfriend. Feeling bereft, she no longer belongs anywhere when she leaves Hope House, the maternity home where she found Christ. Can she find a place to belong, a home, a family? Does God have a plan and a purpose for her, to give her hope and a future?

Honeysuckle Holiday


• Retail Price- $10.95


Honeysuckle Holiday centers on the life of twelve-year-old protagonist, Lucy. It takes place in the south, in the late 1960s. Lucy struggles internally to come to terms with her parents’ sudden and mysterious divorce. She finds herself thrust – almost overnight – from a world of comfort and privilege into one of near marginality. When her mother hires a black woman to help her, the situation intensifies. As the story progresses, Lucy learns the mystery behind her parents’ divorce – her father’s uncharacteristic, almost unforgivable immersion in the KKK. Lucy comes to shed her unknowing racism, taking her beyond the ideals of youth – her love of books and the trappings of childhood knit closely to her very fiber. She learns to peel back the layers of human frailty (her own included) painful piece by painful piece, while struggling to hold on to the comforts of innocence.

Fletcher's Fables Too


• Retail Price- $7.95


Each story is told through delightful illustrations of animals capturing a lesson to learn. "Fletcher's Fables Too: Stories with a Lesson Learned" is a great teaching tool for those seeking simple but strong messages in conveying life's lessons. Each story presents easy and meaningful lessons for life's good morals.

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