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The Crayon (W) Rapper


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


Green, a cheery crayon known as The Crayon Rapper, uses rhyming patterns in a "rap" music beat to describe the adventures of his multi-hued pals. Great teaching tool for children to learn colors. Can be set to a teacher's music inclination. Beautiful illustrations and easy read.

Rainbow Bridge


Paperback Retail Price: $12.95


Gem is mourning her grandmother and baby boy, losing one to cancer and the baby by the hands of her abusive husband. She was raised by her grandmother when her hippie mother abandoned her; she never knew her father. Gem’s only desire is to love and be loved. Her best friend, Carolyn from high school, has comforted her through these tragedies. As well as her deceased grandmother, whom Gem feels is still with her, making her laugh, and still teaching her. Gem struggles to begin her life, again. Landing a new job, she bonds with a special needs child. After a terrorist attack occurs, she loses another chance at happiness. Bent but not broken, she recovers to discover a genuine love and strength within herself. As long kept secrets about her grandmother are revealed, Gem finds her place, and a family. Her past and her future become reconciled, in heaven and on earth.

Pierre the Peacock


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


Pierre the Peacock is delightfully illustrated with a valuable message. It is about acceptance, friendship and a valuable lesson in how we should treat people. Come with us as we meet Pierre, a peacock who thinks that he will get friends just from his pretty looks. When he meets Jerry, a colorblind little boy, he teaches Pierre that what matters is how you treat people, not what you look like. A lesson for all of us!

Petals of Distinction


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


A heart-rending journey of epic proportion into the mind, body, and soul of Rosie: a woman stricken with a silent disease paralyzing her stomach. She leads you along an intimate path through complexities that push her across the pain barrier; stripping her of splendor, but never her will to keep fighting.

Piddle Diddle, The Widdle Penguin, and the Texas Longhorns: Series: Adventures of Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin


Paperback Retail Price: $11.00


Come and join Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, and her family as they vacation at a dude ranch and help cowboys on a cattle drive of Texas Longhorns! The Adventures of Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin takes the young reader into the many journeys of an adventurous delightful Penguin. On this adventure, Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin travels to a Texas ranch for a Longhorns cattle roundup! Educational and fun reading!

Where the Lady Slippers Grow: The Madison McKenzie Files Book 2


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


Madison helps Rick investigate a missing hiker. She has visions while alone with a corpse, and fear of her budding psychic ability causes secrecy. After Sheriff Perry’s injury, Cold Creek votes Madison as their sheriff. She demonstrates a knack for the job, exposing her to dangers beyond imagi-nation, and jealousy becomes her newest challenge.

Daddy's Apple Tree


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


Daddy's Apple Tree is Dale's first book of poetry. Dale's poetry is uniquely lucid and original. He offers to the reader an opportunity to feel his sensitivity and thoughts, as he addresses a wide range of subjects such as love and romance, his childhood, family, and growing up in the family-oriented community of Lignum, within Culpeper, Virginia. He presents to you his down-home spun humor; and his adages about the quirks of everyday life with history and fiction juxtaposed within his works.

Fledermama's Son


Paperback Retail Price: $12.95


Guiding a teenage Kyle through the pitfalls of life is not an easy task especially when there are devastating roadblocks such as depression and an identity crisis. His mother finally accepts that there is a problem and she searches for answers to help him accept who he actually is.

Snooping Can Be Uncomfortable: A Lindsay Harris Murder Mystery


Paperback Retail Price: $10.95


Plucky single mom and sleuth extraordinaire, Lindsay Harris, is at it again! This time, though, it's a trickier business. She has to find evidence that will clear murder charges led against the parents of her daughter's closest friend. But Harris soon discovers that prying into a friend's business can be downright uncomfortable and dangerous business. Exciting and engaging read for all ages.

These Haunted Hills: A Collection of Short Stories


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


These Haunted Hills is a collection of short stories that tease the readers' curiosity of the supernatural. With the Appalachian region as a backdrop, each story brings fictional characters to life with intertwining moments of mystery, humor, and a reality check of the beating heart. A group of talented authors has created a delightful, haunting read in a non-cookie cutter, invigorating style that each reader will enjoy! Each story brings its own intriguing and engaging moment of excitement and thoughtfulness.

The Dark Side of the Woods


Paperback Retail Price: $12.95


How could Sadie have lived so long in this town without knowing it was harboring a very old secret? The dark side of the woods was a place she walked by nearly every single day and it seemed perfectly normal. But one day, she realized, nothing that walked in there, walked back out. Curses and wolves are somehow entangled in Sadie's new romance, and a gruesome transformation threatens to change everything she has ever known. She's the only one who can save her town, her love, and herself. It has to end where it started, in the center of the forest.

Wimp to Warrior: The Story of a Little Spartan


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00
Hardback Retail Price: $30.00


This daily healthy living and exercise activity book engages your child by bringing each day as a new adventure with a new exercise. Beautiful illustrations help the child stay engaged and motivated. It is action driven with beautiful illustrations and the reader looks forward to seeing himself or herself become a warrior of healthy living. This book presents healthy living habits and daily exercises encourages the readers in staying active.

Collected Curiosities: Poems, Essays, & Opinions


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


Collection of poems, essays and opinions. Thoughtful and fun. Noted author Kathleen M. Jacobs has written many published articles, essays and most recently, books titled Honeysuckle Holiday and Marble Town, books for the young reader.

Where Have All the Mountains Gone


Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Looking back to living in Florida in the mid-20th century, times were hard. However the people that lived through this time hardly knew it. Where Have All the Mountains Gone?, is a collection of short stories of the many methods of survival that are now obsolete. Most people today have no idea of how people survived during that era. These stories are an attempt to record and preserve, in an entertaining way, many of life shaping events that still march through the author’s memory.

When the Sun Shines Through


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


This book is to help those, both young and old, understand and cope with the changes a loved one may suffer due to Alzheimer’s Disease. The soft and delicate illustrations create a beautiful backdrop to this Christian themed book which brings a complicated disease to a child's level of understanding of the changes in a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease. The author writes the story from her own experiences in helping her children understand and cope with their grandmother's, her mother's, Alzheimer's Disease.

In Search of Nell


Paperback Retail Price: $16.95


Born into a world beyond her understanding, Mercy is confused by her childhood experiences of abandonment, neglect, and abuse. She stubbornly questions the cultural expectations and gender inequality for women during the 1960s. Although she struggles with insecurities, she learns to bravely navigate her own destiny and persists in overcoming insurmountable odds. Despite her rigid upbringing, Mercy dreams of a life beyond her beloved Appalachian Mountains, as well as a life-long commitment to locate her birth mother.

Always My Son


Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Always My Son is one of a five book series revolving around girls who shared a season at Hope House, a maternity home. Two girls chose to keep their babies, including Candy, and the other three chose adoptive placement. The stories begin with their choices and continue through God's redemptive plan in their lives. Candy's healing comes through her marriage to Joe and his mother's marriage to the police officer who saved her life, which brings them into a loving, exuberant Hispanic family. Candy's hope is when the shame of her childhood abuse is revealed, her son, whom Joe considers his own, will accept the father who chose him.

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