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Jan-Carol Publishing is a cooperative between a small independent publishing group and a motivated force of authors.

In 2003, Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc. created and marketed a women's magazine called Voice Magazine for Women in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. In 2012, Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc. expanded into book publishing and acquired the brands Mountain Girl Press, Little Creek Books, Express Editions, and RoseHeart Publishing.


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Mountain Girl Press was created in 2005 as a small press aimed at publishing quality fiction written by the women of Appalachia. Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc. continues this imprint with the mission to publish fiction and short stories that celebrate the wit, humor, and strength of both old-time and modern Appalachian women. Our other imprints include Little Creek Books and Heirloom Editions, as well as Skippy Creek, which focuses on children's books; Fiery Night, our romance imprint; and Broken Crow Ridge, an imprint for fantasy and science fiction stories. We do offer an imprint for authors specifically interested in publishing e-books, and even an imprint under the name Express Editions for authors with expertise to share "how-to's" and spiritual guidance. With our wide array of imprints we can provide a happy home for any author or book!

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