Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc.


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Submission Guidelines


If you would like to submit your work for consideration for publication by Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc., there are several things we require:


  • A one-page synopsis of your book and, if applicable, a sample of your artwork.
  • A brief bio including your previous writing experiences, especially with regard to any works you may have had published.
  • An overview of your marketing plan for your book should it be published, including both in-person and social media out reach
  • The most updated and polished version of your manuscript. While we do light editing and proofing, you should send a manuscript that you have edited to the absolute best of your ability (I.E. Made any cuts and rewrites, re-read several times, corrected basic spelling and grammatical errors.)
  • The manuscript should be in a basic font such as Times New Roman.
  • Please include the word count of your manuscript, the genre of your story, and the age range you believe your story is best suited for.
  • Please adhere to the Chicago Style of manuscript.


All queries must be sent to submissions@jancarolpublishing.com


Here are a few things we can not accept:


  • Excessive profanity
  • Sex with minors or sexual exploitation of children
  • Rape for the purposes of titillation
  • Pornography