"Every story needs a book"

blAwesome Marketing


Without readers, a book is just some ink on paper. If you've published a book,  you're going to need readers, reviewers, a following, and a strategic plan to obtain and maintain all those relationships. It can be hard to juggle this and focus on being a writer, so blAWESOME can plant the seeds of your creative marketing solution, so that you can reap the reward.


With our 75+ years combined experience, blAWESOME Marketing offers creative marketing solutions for published authors and their books. Each marketing plan is customizable to the needs of you and your book. Whether you're looking to start a website, reach out on social media, or have professional reviews, we have the experience and technical expertise to take your book marketing campaign to the next level.


Visit our website at www.blawesomemarketing.com for more information.

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