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Elementary Readers

Ricky's Desert Adventure


Ricky, a talking cactus, has a dad who is in trouble and he is determined to save the day, but how does a prickly pear cactus do that? Thankfully the desert is full of new friends everywhere he goes. Ricky shares his adventure on his journey.

Great Granny and Her Yucky Old Cat


Molly's Life as she knows it is about to change...

"The scary old house stands looming, staring at me with its creepy dark windows. I am being forced to stay with my old great granny for an entire week! No computer, cable TV, video games or even my cell phone! My life is over! And then there's that pathetic cat of hers. He's always nearby, grossing me out!"

Molly's thoughts run away with her as she realizes her reality for the next seven days. But Molly's reality begins to change as she learns some very interesting things, such as how to gut a fish, and realizes that appearances can be deceiving.

Molly learns many lessons in her visit with her Great Granny!

Fireflies Dancing in

the Night


Paperback and Hardback Available


When Luna begins to see the pink petals of the blossoming dogwood outside her classroom, spring fever quickly turns to thoughts of summer vacation and her family's annual trip to visit relatives in the Midwest. They soon pack their car with everything they need, including Luna's pet hedgehog, Thistle, dreaming of watching the flickering fireflies dancing in the night.

Monkey's New Friend


Life is not always easy when you are a dog named Monkey. Losing a friend always hurts, but losing two can be too much to bear. How do you keep going? Sometimes, you have all you need in your own backyard. The story of Monkey is a reminder to appreciate who and what you have. It reminds you to live in the present instead of focusing on what you no longer have. Learning that everyday is a gift and you never know the surprises of what lies in the next day.

Kodiak: King of the Grizzlies


A 15-year-old city-boy moved into a remote forest cabin on Big Bear Mountain and realized his connection to nature after discovering the 100-year-old journal of a grizzly hunter. The California Grizzly Bear was hunted into extinction 100 years ago, and was the most terrifying monster the early pioneers had ever faced. The journal tells the untold story about the extinction of the bears and describes an epic final battle between the grizzlies and the US Army. It even has a talking bear from outer space! Kodiak was a fierce, giant grizzly with special powers who was sent by the Great Creator to help the bears survive their impending doom. Battles raged and the bears were pursued but one clan escaped total annihilation with some unexpected help. This book has stories within stories as you read the entries in the journal, the boy's reaction, and how it affects events in his modern life. It is written in a way that mixes natural science with war and fantasy to create a roller-coaster adventure with many surprising twists.

Things That Go Bump In The Night


No one was at the bus stop to get the children out of the violent winds, so they were on their own. Where were their parents? Why were the lights out and the phone lines cut at Mrs. Brown's house? What had happened to everyone? Who was walking upstairs in the old house? Was that a body they saw? Will they get caught? Follow the five children as they go through a terrifying time during the stormy night in Sleepy Hollow where things go bump in the night.

Sophie & the Bookmobile


When Sophie's family moves from New York City to West Virginia, she not only has to leave her friends and the city and library she loves so much, but she has to figure out what will happen when she discovers that there is no library in her new town. But when she discovers something called a bookmobile and other new treasures, all is right with the world.

A Lesson in the Jungle


• Retail Price- $10.00


Hunters arrive in Africa to capture wild animals to sell to a zoo. Where will two children find help to save the animals and teach us all a valuable lesson about preserving life within the animal kingdom?

Thurston T. Turtle Moves to Hubbleville


A charming tale of woodland creatures and the town's quirky news reporter who is determined to get the scoop on the newest resident in town, but always seems to be one step behind.

Thurston T. Turtle and the Legend of the Lemonade


In this follow-up to Thurston T. Turtle Moves to Hubbleville, our endearing newcomer is settling in when he notices everyone's homemade butter cookies and lemonade taste the same. However, stories of the recipes' origins are quite different. While Mr. Turtle's second grade class uncovers other similarities, it is the discovery of old letters, help from the scattered Mr. Possum and a visit to an old family friend that converge to reveal the legend of the lemonade. And the butter cookies, too, of course!

Thurston T. Turtle and the Precarious Puppy


In the third Thurston T. Turtle book, Mr. Turtle is being followed. Or is he simply seeing things? A hoodlum is spilling Mr. Possum's trash at night. Or so he suspects. Who could be causing such confusion in Hubbleville? The floppy-eared, snuggly suspect is sure to capture Mr. Turtle's heart. And yours, too!

Trouble Inside The Magical Oak Tree


Alexander's first real adventure inside a magical oak tree is a ride you will want to go on more than once! Come meet all the creatures and enjoy the humor and action as you follow along with Alexander on this grand journey to the top, and you can decide what is real, and what may not be.

How the Dog Saved the Squirrel from the Hawk


Sam, the red squirrel with the screwy tail, caused trouble for the German Shepherd and the woman who lived in the old Dutch Colonial. Trouble began with the bird food scattered on the ground, bird feeder, and suet that hung from the shepherd's hook in the fenced in backyard.

The Treasures of Destiny


In a mysterious cave deep in the earth, four very special orphans will discover that they are each destined to create something amazing. With the help of the magical jewels found there, they will each set off on a fantastical journey filled with fun, excitement, danger, and mystery. Journey along with Juni, Monty, Jach and Dax as their adventures lead them to encounter a talking bunny, learn to grow money, paddle around in a river of chocolate and more! Don't miss out on the exciting mystery of discovering what kind of outrageous inventions a journey like this could possibly lead to.

Fletcher's Fables


Each story is told through delightful illustrations of animals capturing a lesson to learn. Fletcher's Fables: Stories with a Lesson Learned" is a great teaching tool for those seeking simple but strong messages in conveying life's lessons. Each story presents easy and meaningful lessons for life's good morals.

Fantasy Stories of the Life Cycles in Nature


Adda Leah (Addie) Davis is a people person and a talented Appalachian author who hopes youlike her work. Delightfully mixed with creativity, much of her work is influenced by her many years of teaching and her Appalachian roots.

Holding Pattern


Holding Pattern is a perfect weave of a story when Iris receives an invitation to visit her Great-Aunt Myra on Lookout Mountain, in 1962. She discovers various "holding patterns" through crafts, minerals, and history and with delightful surprise at the end.

Mineral Spirits


Iris has the gift of 'sight' with the help of an enchanted fairy stone. She travels back in time to discover how her ancestors came to possess the stone. Batter up . . . the pitcher throws the ball . . . and we're off with Iris on her adventure. Through the mineral spirits, Iris learns how her fairy stone (staurolite) became a family heirloom. Great Illustrations and enjoyable!

Collin's Chicken Adventures on the Farm: A Children's Learning Guide to Raising Chickens


A youngster named Collin Ball loves living on a farm. He finds that there is so much to do and learn. In his book, Collin's Chicken Adventures on the Farm, he shares his farm adventures with the readers with factual information, educational insights and detailed photos. From the first experience of his parents agreeing to let him raise a few chickens in the backyard, Collin wanted to teach others about raising chickens. The book is written for a child's comprehensive and is presented as a learning guide with questions in the back for teaching purposes for classroom assignments. Collin's Chicken Adventures on the Farm is packed full of interesting and fun facts about Collin's feathered friends. Descriptive, educational, factual, and a delightful read for both children and adults.

A Little Black Cat's

Big Adventure


A fun story that is based on the actual lives of two cats and how they saved themselves and their babies. This is a true story and is brought to life through beautiful illustrations! A delight to read.