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"Every story needs a book"

Complimentary Marketing for Every JCP Author


Being a JCP author comes with more perks than just getting to hold your book in your hands. We make it our mission to ensure our authors are well taken care of and receive the exposure their books deserve!



  • JCP sends a press release for every newly published book. These press releases are sent to JCP’s local market, the author’s local market, and reach national and international markets. Not to mention, JCP sends press releases to any email address the author may supply to us, either on the PPC (Pre-Production Checklist) or after their book has been released.

  • JCP announces every newly published book in Voice Magazine for Women. This includes our print and online reach. Books are also announced across our social media platforms.

  • We also request authors inform us of any events or appearances they may have scheduled, and include that information in Voice Magazine for Women.

  • JCP regularly shares authors’ social media posts to our own social media. This includes posts that we are tagged in or are sent to us by email. We are also available to share posts to our social media pages upon request, free of charge. Furthermore, we are continuously interacting with authors and readers on social media, including liking and commenting on posts to help maintain cross promotion and outreach.

  • We offer a place for authors to interact and get in touch with each other via our JCP Authors Forum on Facebook.

  • JCP includes five books from our catalog to feature in Voice Magazine each month. These books are also featured individually through social media and an emailed newsletter throughout the month. These books are selected by JCP staff and based on the various themes of the month. As this process continues, every JCP book will be featured.

  • JCP helps authors communicate with venues, as some venues require contact with the publisher to set up events and book signings.
  • JCP regularly helps authors decide on the best marketing avenue for their book by offering tips and examples.

  • We will gladly submit up to five copies of an author’s book per year to reviewers, free of charge. These submissions are made upon request from the author.

  • We regularly schedule events in our local market, such as book signings or Daytime Tri-Cities interviews for authors that are able to make the trip to our area.

  • We sell JCP books at local venues, such as the Harvest Table Restaurant in Abingdon, VA.

  • We offer short articles in Voice Magazine for special occasions, free of charge and upon author request.

  • We provide reviews from other JCP authors upon request through our PPC, all before a new book is published. These reviews help both the authors that supply them and the authors that receive them, as it boosts cross promotion.

  • We share our catalog, which is updated each month, with an expansive and ever growing list of retailers and wholesalers.

  • We provide a weekly newsletter to our authors to keep you updated about discounts, Authors on the Road requests, Voice Magazine releases, tax info, printing delays, and plenty of other important information and ideas, such as marketing and grammar tips.

  • JCP offers personal services and make ourselves available to answer questions, seek continuous opportunities for authors to sell books, and be of assistance when needed.