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Over the Circumstances


Over the Circumstances is a book of engaging, relatable, true stories and observations about life that help the reader to learn biblical truths through human experiences. The author shares insights the Holy Spirit has opened to her as she observes the lessons that God has hidden in His creation and the everyday, mundane occurrences of life.


Tweets From Another Donald


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Written from the heart, author Donald Umbarger uses Tweets from Another Donald to share his humble beginnings. He was molded and shaped by his surroundings, and his personal stories—set in Ceres, a small community nestled in the mountains of Southwest Virginia—will resonate with anyone who has grown up in a small, rural community or in the Appalachian Mountains. His stories, experiences, and views reflect his journey of growing up in a hardworking family and finding peace in his Christian walk. Marching to his own beat, his "tweets" take readers through different stages of his childhood and adulthood. Step back in time with him as he takes you through the good times, the sad times, and the conflicting times of being a member of a small, poor farming family. You may discover that you don't always agree with his opinions and his commentaries; however, you will be educated on how to walk the road less traveled.

The Safety Deposit Box Shock: Your Secrets Will Find You Out


Paperback Retail Price: $16.00


A Sophomore track star falling in love with the Senior campus sweetheart rocked the University of Kansas with scandal. Their love produced a little girl who thought her father was dead. The secret about her father lay deep at the bottom of a safety deposit box. This is a biography—a true story of the life of Paul Bryan Patterson, PhD, and his legacy, written by his daughter. It explores his family's genealogy, his life at the University of Kansas, his married life, his secret, and the tragedies that colored his life.

Mile Markers: A Memoir


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Author Oberg opens the doors to anyone who has ever questioned aspects of their upbringing. The reader will find that Mile Markers is literally one question after another from different points in the author's life. The reader will share her experiences and her desire to "learn beyond" and walk forward towards unexpected horizons. If you have ever questioned family ties rooted in religious teaching, this book is for you. Told with raw emotion, the author's personal story takes you, the reader, through her turmoil to her wellness. Her journey can provide healing, be insight and encourages readers to listen to their "still, small voice".



Paperback Retail Price: $12.95


This non-fiction book includes poems, prose, and ponderings. They are astute observations from an elderly lady, the author, who often sees irony in life. Many articles are introspective, thought-provoking, and heart-to heart. The author shares family experiences, both good and bad, both happy and sad, with her religious and faith filled perspective.

Petals of Distinction


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


A heart-rending journey of epic proportion into the mind, body, and soul of Rosie: a woman stricken with a silent disease paralyzing her stomach. She leads you along an intimate path through complexities that push her across the pain barrier; stripping her of splendor, but never her will to keep fighting.

Sinking Creek Journal


Retail Price- $14.95



In Sinking Creek Journal: An Environmental Book of Days, author Fred Waage takes the reader along with him on daily walks to commemorate his sixty-third year. While a diary of place, rather than self, Sinking Creek Journal follows one man’s journey through a climacterical year in a place called Sinking Creek, located in Northeast Tennessee. Sinking Creek Journal will fill a place for seekers of a modern day Thoreau.

To Hide the Truth


Retail Price- $12.95


To Hide the Truth is a true story of the disturbing relationship between a daughter and her father. It speaks the truth of an era when family abuse and alcoholism were subjects of taboo. In the summer of 1958, nine-year old Susan becomes her mother’s protector in a role reversal necessitated for survival. Unable to cope with her mother’s insecurities, Susan avoids facing her own problems. A huge resentment festers as her father pretends her childhood was full of love and happiness. Susan craves any acknowledgment of those miserable years in vain and learns hard life lessons when her father reaches the end of his life.

Lori’s Miracle: How One Family’s Hope and Faith Overcame Adversity


Retail Price- $10.00


On a sunny September day in 1981, fourteen-year-old Lori Beth Ford was involved in a tragic car accident that left her with a TBI—traumatic brain injury . The doctors and medical staff  tried to convince Lori’s family that she would not live, or if she did live, she would be incapacitated for the rest of her life. However, with hope, love and a refusal to believe the worst, Lori’s family and friends showed nothing but support and patience through her ongoing recovery. Told through her mother’s voice, Lori’s Miracle is the inspiring story of a girl whose childhood dreams were shattered, but her success was redefined in a way that no one could have ever imagined.

Chip Ballard's Literary Escapades


Retail Price- $17.95


A collection of newspaper columns from the whimsical to the ironic, laced through with a biting wit and filled with nostalgia and enlightenment that may make you take a moment to think and smile.

Front Porch Ramble - Literary Escapades Vol II


Retail Price- $17.95


A collection of more than 65 newspaper columns which is exceptional in style, insight, wit, and wisdom of columnist and writer Chip Ballard.

The Snapshot & Other Stories: Tales of Flowing Wells


Retail Price- $12.95


A fascinating collection of finely crafted short stories, depicting life in rough, rugged, rural central Florida filled with the passions and pain of real people living life on the edge of the universe.