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Dark Passion in Eagle Hills


Newspaper reporter, Madison Pope, begins her well deserved vacation in the coastal town of Eagle Hills, North Carolina. A chance encounter with the local cop stirs her emotions and awakens her hidden desires. Complicated by a heinous murder and a seductive battle of wills, can Madison relinquish her control and satisfy her sexual cravings?


Carla: The End of Reason


Paperback Retail Price: $16.95


Carla had been on the fringes before. She was once a hired killer for a domestic terrorist organization, a position that allowed her to pay for her grandfather's medical bills. This time, the powers that be want her on the extremes to stop a mysterious mastermind who wants to destroy the very idea of reason.

The Best Doctor in Town:

A Tall Tale From the Hills


Paperback Retail Price: $19.95


Set in Southwest Virginia and inspired by actual events and the story of the small town's most revered doctor, who may just be a serial killer. A local police officer with a tarnished reputation, a reporter who manipulated facts, and the doctor's chief intern, who may be a thief, have pieces of the puzzle. Yet no one in authority believes the great doctor could be responsible. All the while, patients are dying.


The Antithesis Killer


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Carla al-Hassan thought she had escaped. After years of working as a hired killer for a domestic terrorist organization to pay for her grandfather’s medical bills, she went into the darkness one more time to disappear. However, Carla could not escape the world of violence forever.

Soaring Passion in Eagle Hills


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Recently widowed, Lily Roberts leaves her Appalachian hometown seeking serenity in the Carolina coastal town of Eagle Hills. Instead, she stumbles into a world of intrigue, murder, and passion. Lily's encounter on the beach with a mysterious stranger arouses an unquenchable thirst. Will she satisfy her desires or fall victim to a secret political agenda? This fiction story is a fascinating tale of romance, murder, and mystery. Surprise twists and turns are woven with passionate love scenes, scandalous secrets, and an ending that's sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Return to Walkers' Mountain:

Madison McKenzie Files


Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Return to Walkers' Mountain is a work of fiction, however, the Walker's story is true. Bev Freeman remembers the story since she was only 12 years old. She never knew the outcome of the man who murdered the family. The fiction story is centered with actual events, but develops into fiction with the main character, Madison, and how she goes on her own to solve the mystery.

Death Watch


Paperback Retail Price: $13.95


Macy Merit uncovers evidence that points to the murder of a senator's husband. While working diligently to find the killer, she stumbles upon a plot to develop a biological weapon to be used against civilians, not by a terrorist group, but by high-level officials within our own government. As the clues unfold, and the body count rises, Macy discovers the connection between the biological experiments, and a plan that takes her direct to the White House.

The Ruby Earring


Paperback Retail Price: $16.95


Accused of murdering his wife, bank executive Josh Stephens hires ace defense attorney Adam Drake. With the help of Macy Merit and Spencer Rawlings, it's a race against time and the judicial system, as Macy, Spence, and Drake navigate their way through a maze of evidence, witnesses, and unsuspected twists and turns on a mission to free their client.



Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Carla al-Hassan lives in two worlds. In one, she is known as a mild-mannered young woman who dropped out of college to work full time to pay for her grandfather's medical bills. In the other, she is a professional killer who does the will of a mysterious domestic terrorist group called the Cicero Organization. For years, Carla has maintained this delicate balance. But a jealous act of betrayal and an investigation by a determined lawyer threaten her balance...and her life.

Moon Over Knoxville


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Marwin Gelstone, a divorced pharmacist with a unique practice, tries to get through the daily grind of pharmacy while simultaneously trying to understand his adolescent children. His life takes a drastic turn when his partner's wife commits suicide. Madeline Montgomery is a well-known socialite in the Knoxville community who abruptly ends the life that so many have longed for. The senseless nature of her suicide leads Marwin to search for an answer to the age-old question of why a person takes their own life. As he explores Marwin becomes entrenched in a twisted plot that could cost him everything, including his life.

Snooping Can Be Scary


Paperback Retail Price: $10.95


Ghosts and a haunted house are the enticements that pull Emily and her friend, Tim Riley, into the dilemma of being held hostage along with two of the local legal authorities who felt it necessary to search for the teenagers. Lindsay, Ellen, Ryan, Jed, and Marnie look for the truth and the kids.

The Reckoning


Paperback Retail Price: $6.99


Fifteen years ago, Spencer Rawlings left Michigan and a three-year law practice after discovering his father, a judge, was involved with a murder cover-up for a well-known Detroit mob family, the VanWarners. When he returns to Traverse City, Michigan for his father’s funeral, he becomes drawn deep into a mystery involving his father, the VanWarners, and a missing ten million dollars. As Spence pieces together the clues to find the money, he suddenly finds himself on trial for murder, while learning just how involved his father was with the VanWarners. While eluding the police to find the evidence to clear his name, Spence may have found the love he has been searching for in Macy Merit, an avenger with a strong military background and desire, not only for Spence, but to find justice. A page turning unpredictable mystery with a dash of romance, The Reckoning creates a compelling story you will be unable to put down.

The Truth Be Told


Paperback Retail Price: $16.95


An ordinary woman discovers she has an extraordinary ability when she awakens from a coma—she’s able to make people tell the truth. When Amelia Jones recovers from a paddleboard accident on Amelia Island, Florida, she soon realizes that when she says the words ‘the truth be told,’ others are compelled to speak honestly. As she deals with the profound intellectual, emotional, and spiritual impact of the 45th Presidency, she continues her soul-searching about the nature of ‘truth’ in an alternative-facts society. Amelia faces new challenges when videos showing her abilities are posted on social media. She is inundated with requests for help from strangers, local police departments, and the FBI. She becomes involved with several high-prole cases, including a deadly plot against the Vice President, and a conspiracy by the KNC, a fanatical right-wing group planning the assassination of key political figures. While in Washington, DC, Amelia’s entanglement with the KNC leads to a life-threatening situation.

Where the Lady Slippers Grow: The Madison McKenzie Files Book 2


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


Madison helps Rick investigate a missing hiker. She has visions while alone with a corpse, and fear of her budding psychic ability causes secrecy. After Sheriff Perry’s injury, Cold Creek votes Madison as their sheriff. She demonstrates a knack for the job, exposing her to dangers beyond imagi-nation, and jealousy becomes her newest challenge.

Snooping Can Be Uncomfortable: A Lindsay Harris Murder Mystery


Paperback Retail Price: $10.95


Plucky single mom and sleuth extraordinaire, Lindsay Harris, is at it again! This time, though, it's a trickier business. She has to find evidence that will clear murder charges led against the parents of her daughter's closest friend. But Harris soon discovers that prying into a friend's business can be downright uncomfortable and dangerous business. Exciting and engaging read for all ages.

Murder on Wilson Street


Retail Price- $14.95


Emma Robinson is a single woman working as an editor for Nobel Prize winner Ray West. She is on her way to work, when Ray tells her that the friendly old neighbor Natalie Woodbridge has been killed. Because the police found a blonde hair next to the body, Emma gets arrested until Ray mysteriously bails her out. Why is that important to Ray? Is Emma guilty or innocence? The twists and turns in the story will keep the reader engaged from the beginning to the end.

Snooping Can Be Dangerous


Life is good for legal assistant Lindsay Harris. She has friends, three wonderful children and a job that pays the bills. However, when a man from her neighborhood is murdered, her world is shaken up. Not only does she have to deal with her overbearing boss, but now her crazy ex-husband is back in the picture—and that means trouble. With the help of some of her closest friends, Lindsay decides to take matters into her own hands. But she soon  finds herself in the middle of a deadly situation as she learns that snooping can, indeed, be dangerous.

Snooping Can Be Contagious


Lindsay Harris, a mother who works as a legal secretary/assistant, headed for trouble when her twin daughters, Emily and Ellen, acquire a baby-sitting job for a mysterious single dad for two small children. With the encouragement of her daughters and her friends, Jed and Marnie, she jumps knee deep into the problem of trying to prove the mysterious single dad innocent of killing his two children. Because her need to snoop into mysteries that need answers has spread to others, meaning her family and friends, Lindsay has now proven that snooping can be contagious.

Snooping Can Be Devious


Ryan is missing! He is only eleven years old, and he is gone. Is it because I, Lindsay Harris, witnessed an armed robbery? Did his father steal him? Or a pedophile? Who is Brian? Emily, Ellen, Jed, and I take on the task of trying to  find Ryan.

Snooping Can Be Doggone Deadly


Emily Harris, Lindsay's teenage daughter, tries to help a friend and becomes a victim. A simple act of kindness causes a great deal of trouble for Lindsay along with the fact that her friend, Jed, becomes hospitalized with a broken leg. How did Jed's broken leg, Lindsay's co-worker Annie's neighbor's missing parents, and a murdered dog become intertwined into Lindsay's life to become a matter of life and death?

Snooping Can Be Helpful Sometimes


Maddie, a missing, homeless teenager pulls Lindsay, family, and friends, into her world. Lindsay agrees to help her daughter, Emily, Maddie's best and only friend, find Maddie and finds she must infiltrate the world of the homeless to accomplish her task. Part of a great cozy mystery series.

The Best Darn Secret


My how times have changed! In the mid-1960s, Annette Taylor's movie star mom, Rita, keeps her hidden away in an orphanage so she won't ruin her chances of getting prime Hollywood roles. While seventeen-year-old Annette doesn't like what her mother and father are doing to her, she is still excited when they come to pick her up for a family vacation. However, things don't go as planned. A horrible car crash throws Annette from the vehicle, and now she cannot remember who she is. As she searches for her true identity, she meets some people who teach her about life, love and how a real family works-but not before she realizes someone wants her dead!



On Thanksgiving weekend, empty nesters Laura and John Beck move to their part-time home on Amelia Island, FL. On the beach, they make a shocking discovery: the body of local millionaire, Eduardo Conti. As Laura begins her life as a 'splitter'-dividing her time between two homes-she meets her neighbors: Cassandra Harcourt, her friend turned- enemy from high school; Faith Proctor, a widowed Southern belle; and psychic medium, Amy Temple. The women are thrust into the mysteries surrounding Conti's murder, becoming amateur sleuths in the process. They piece together the puzzle of Conti's shady business dealings and his untimely death as they cope with personal life-changing circumstances, face dramatic events, and reveal scandalous secrets from the past. Ultimately, the women come face-to-face with a killer.



Ron Rian's sole desire is to marry his only son, Bernard, to another prominent family, to gain an heir to the Rian fortune. But Bernard has a different agenda -he falls in love with Gabrielle, a foreigner vacationing in the United States with a friend. Gabrielle is not Bernard's social equal and is a mystery to Ron. He enlists his security officer to investigate and identify this woman. As Gabrielle returns to her work and life in Canada, Bernard uncovers his father's spy tactics and confronts him. But who is this woman who has stolen Bernard's heart? Will his father put an end to their romance permanently? Can Bernard reach Gabrielle? Or is it too late?

Forgiven (Sequel of Betrayed)


Tom Smith, an ex-Army sergeant from Special Ops, is determined to exact revenge on the family that betrayed him and condemned him to ten long years behind bars. Tom's focus on his plot is interrupted when Chantal, an unexpected visitor to the Rians', catches his interest. Will Tom return to his mission when Chantal returns home? Will Tom yield to Chantal's love, or will he break her heart? Will his schemes disintegrate, or will he pursue his vocation to avenge his betrayal?

The Pledge


On the one-year anniversary of his old friend's death, Dalton receives a letter. In the message, his deceased friend reminds Dalton of his promise to honor his deathbed request: to bring love and happiness back to his widow, Annette. When Dalton unexpectedly encounters his friend's widow, he falls for her and subsequently breaks his current engagement. But should he tell her about the letter and the terms of his pledge to her former husband? Will she reject him or accept his love? Dalton finds the answers to his questions when his scorned fiancee finds the posthumous letter and becomes determined to win back Dalton at any cost-even death. Can he gain Annette's trust from his web of deceit? Can he protect Annette from his enraged former fiancee?

Lonesome Vagabond


Logan and Riker are twin brothers. They inherited an empire from their grandmother when she died. The brothers are complete opposites. Riker likes power and money. He is head of their company. Logan is an easygoing man who doesn't want to be known for his wealth, and wants to be loved for who he is. He wants his brother to leave him alone. Logan is in Barbados when he meets Bailey and immediately falls for her. When Riker unexpectedly meets up with his brother in the Caribbean Islands, he immediately despises Bailey. She is simple and lacks social status. Riker schemes to break them up with lies, deceit and murder. Riker succeeds, or does he?

Snooping Can Be Regrettable


Lindsay Harris, mother of Emily, Ellen, and Ryan, has to face the most unanticipated event in her life when her youngest child, Ryan, is involved with drug dealers. He is only 11 years old and she is at a total loss on what she should do to get him out of this mess. Lindsay's dream of a tame, normal life has evaporated and she along with her friend, Jed, must do the job for the police when they are attacked in her home. Lindsay is no different from any other single mother, except that she is determined that her children should survive all of the evils the world has to offer. How to stop the evils of the drug world from taking over Ryan's life and the lives of the remainder of her family becomes her focus. This story tells you, the reader, what Lindsay had to do to help her son, and she learns along the way that snooping can be regrettable.