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These Haunted Hills


These Haunted Hills: Book 5 is compiled of frightening stories from eight skilled authors. Here in Appalachia, you'll find abandoned abodes and supernatural entities sure to have you checking under your bed. The frightful tales within make this yet another unforgettable installment to Jan-Carol Publishing's annual anthology series. For the nightmare-loving reader, These Haunted Hillshas everything you need, except, maybe a nightlight.

Second Chance to Die


Marwin Gelstone has had a rough year. His partner's wife committed suicide, and he was almost murdered by a local gynecologist as he uncovered the doctor's murderous intentions. The trauma of the assault derailed his life, and he spiraled down, almost losing everything important to him. As he struggles to regain normalcy and rebuild the relationships dear to him, Marwin becomes involved in another pharmaceutical investigation. Will his new lease on life only give him a second chance to die?

Reclaiming Christmas


During the holiday season, a cynical economic consultant, grieving the loss of his parents, butts heads with a Christmas-obsessed hospital administrator over their town's annual holiday festival. As they navigate their feelings about Christmas and each other, they learn maybe they aren't that different from one another after all. This book is to be read, shared, and is perfect for the holiday season!

Pure Joy: Life Through the Wrong End of My Binoculars


The simple humor of this Southern-style family will hit home for many readers. Walsh hopes to honor family and others associated with her stories in her best "Southernese" Tennessee style! This book is filled with poignant and funny situations any reader will relate to. So, please, take a look through the wrong end of Walsh's binoculars and enjoy life's absurd humor.

My Appalachian Trail


My Appalachian Trail is a moving and captivating journey of a young boy from Harlan County in eastern Kentucky as he leaves the hill culture that formed him and makes his way through the challenges, successes, and failures that culminated in his being appointed as Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and then as Chief Executive Officer of Ducks Unlimited, Inc. It is a must read for anyone struggling to survive the challenges of life.

My Favorite Season is Spring


My Favorite Season is Spring is a beautifully illustrated picture book which every child will love. Through rhythm and rhyme, take a fun and exciting journey with little Susie as she describes her favorite season. She finds so many fun things to do and she loves the outdoors, and you will too! Great engaging teaching tool for children.

Mama's Boys


For Detective Barry Kendall, the loss nearly broke him. It’s been almost thirteen years since Holly was killed, but he’s still haunted by the sound of his girlfriend’s piercing screams. And when the screams begin to die down in his head, the image of the witch that killed Holly that day is there to take its place. Now, so many years later, Barry is working a case where two young boys have been kidnapped right out of their bedrooms. As he investigates, it becomes clear to him that the witch is not only responsible for the kidnappings, but that she’s back to end his life as well.

Welcome Home


Ann’s breaking point has arrived. She’s invisible to her husband, used and abused by her children, and disappointed in her career. She needs a new life. Oh sure, there will be fall-out. It will be painful. Or, she could run down the street screaming and pulling her hair out!

Elizabeth Bromwell:

The Case of the Chinese Leopard


Elizabeth and her family are tangled in a deadly spy game between the U.S. and China. A stolen file has disappeared, and they are being hunted by the world's deadliest assassins to find Harbinger. Elizabeth will risk losing family and friends to protect this file from getting into enemy hands. The life of an expatriate can be lonely, especially without boundaries in a strange, foreign land full of adventures, longing for home.



Children learn about the seasons and weather through the diversity of a year, joyfully encountering birds and butterflies, adventuring at beaches, jumping in colorful leaf piles, and dashing through the whitest winter snow.

The little orange t's

Great Tennessee Adventure


The little orange t and his best friend, Smoke, set out on a silly and exciting Tennessee adventure of discovery and mud! The two trek across the SEC and are received by many wonderful friends. Energized and inspired by the possibilities of what lies beneath, the little orange t and Smoke realize a discovery that changes the sporting world forever!

The Princess


Growing up to be a Princess is hard work. Success isn't always what she expects it to be, but the Princess never gives up, no matter how many Dragons stand in her way.

A Heart Never Dies


Jenna has just lost her husband to a drunk driver. Her world has turned upside down, and then she meets Ben. Their connection is instant and baffling. When she finds out that Ben may have her husband's heart, can she stay with the man who lived only because her husband died?

Yesterday's Boys


Yesterday's Boys is an eye-opening account of one hillbilly boy growing up in the coal mining community of Patterson, Virginia in the 1950s and the 1960s. Patterson is located deep in the Appalachian Mountains, 16 miles from the nearest town. This is John Echols' true story of the good times and bad times. Coal was king at that time, and like the song "16 Tons" by Tennessee Ernie Ford says, all the miners in Patterson owed their soul to the Company Store. Soup beans (pinto beans), fried potatoes, and cornbread were what they ate five, six, or seven times a week. This was the main meal at the Trent house and for most families.

Road to Reconciliation and Beyond:

Unlikely Friends Become Brothers


Though on the cusp of national music stardom in 1960, young singer Mark Prince faced prejudice and racial discrimination in his small Texas hometown. His way of dealing with injustice serves as a template and inspiration for those who desire to live in peace and harmony in our present day.

There's a Little White Fish


Explore the colorful world around you with the Little White Fish in this interactive children's book. See how exciting the world is when living in color. Rhyming and a great interactive teaching tool.