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New Releases

Around the Next Bend

A vivacious, adventurous Katherine Wingert Casidy, always known as Dottie, finds romance in the jungles of Borneo as a Methodist missionary. As dean of a primary school, she teaches English and other subjects to Malayans and Chinese children, and conducts religious activities with headhunters and other members of the community in the tropical city of Sibu, Sarawak.


A young boy's morning has a foggy start when a baby cloud by the name of Clancy tumbles from the sky. Can the children and their teacher find a way to get Clancy back home to his parents?

Sunrise on the Porch

The best way to make sure you will have a good day is to plan one every morning. Leo, an old hound dog, does just that by watching the beauty of a sunrise every morning and thanking God for the day ahead of him. With each passing year, he shares his wisdom and faith with his friends, old and new, and brightens everyone's days along the way.

These Haunted Hills

Step into the spooky side of Appalachia with the fourth installment of Jan-Carol Publishing's These Haunted Hills anthology series. Each haunting story will keep you on the edge of your seat and bring with it the chill of fright as you read through contributions from seven highly talented authors. These Haunted Hills Book 4, and the entire These Haunted Hills Series, is sure to keep your Halloween season exciting for many years to come.

Trick-Or-Treat Noodle!

NOODLE is searching for the perfect Halloween costume. Join her in her search as she gives you clues as to which costume she will try on next! Beautifully illustrated with bright colors and an entertaining story to capture a child's attention. Wonderful teaching tool and great for a classroom with the use of colors and words. Don't forget to be on the lookout for Bradley Bee!

Power of Understanding

Emotional intelligence influences our ability to build strong relationships and achieve our goals. We can enhance emotional intelligence by learning to better understand ourselves and others. This book demonstrates how powerful the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is in helping us better understand how personality influences our behavior and the results we produce.

Daffodil Dreams

In this anthology, eight talented authors come together to share stories centered around the strong and inspiring women of Appalachia. With tales that will bring readers to tears, evoke laughter, and invite you to befriend the characters within, Daffodil Dreams showcases the beauty and resilience of the Appalachian region and its people.

Boil the Ocean

How far would you go for a loved one? This question wasn't a hard one for Clavo Cruiz. He was determined to obtain justice for his wife, Maria, within a system he felt had let them both down. Follow Clavo's adventure to his native Mexico, where he hooks up with some unsavory men and winds up MIA.

An Angel Named Johnia

Johnia Berry is a sweet and beautiful young woman who has questions about where her journey leads her...will she get her answers when she gets to Heaven?


This beautifully illustrated children's book was inspired and is in loving memory of the author's friend and sorority sister, Johnia Hope Berry, whose life was cut short.

Canyon of Shame

In Canyon of Shame, the second part of The Bungalow Heaven Mystery Series, detective Peter McGinnis from the Pasadena homicide unit has to solve the murder of a forty-year-old woman whose body was discovered in Eaton Canyon. What at first appears like a routine investigation, turns into a career and reputation salvaging operation for the detective, who is not only the main witness in a prominent Black Lives Matter case, but who becomes more and more entwined with the case the more facts he uncovers.

What Ever Happened to

the Smooth-Tongued Cats?

Pete is a nice, gentle cat who loves Lukey. He's always happy when he's with Lukey and his family. But Pete has a whole lot of troubles. Other cats just don't like him, and nobody, especially Lukey, can figure out why. Pete often gets into cat fights, and when he does, he sometimes gets hurt and has to be taken to a veterinarian. So what can be done about Pete and Lukey's cat troubles?

Quietly Serving God

On Christmas Day, 1977, Vincent Joy gifted his parents a recently published Living Bible with the hope to encourage them to dig deeper into the faith that they had raised Joy and his siblings in. In the years that followed, that Living Bible became but a memory until resurfacing in 2021, but this time full of torn notes, each with scripture references, tucked between the pages. The discovery of the Living Bible led Joy to the realization of just how strong his parents' faith was, a fact that overwhelmed him with emotion. Quietly Serving God is the story of Joy's parents and their relationship with the Savior. It is Joy's hope that readers feel a deep love for Jesus, the way he now knows his parents did toward the end of their lives.

Hope Knocking

Hope Knocking tells the story of 2020 from three different perspectives: Amantha, an opinionated retired educator who considers herself to be half hillbilly and half flatlander; Matthew, her soft-spoken mountain husband; and Nancy Mae, Amantha's charismatic elderly mother who has returned to her East Tennessee roots after leaving nearly seventy years ago. The three live in Mavie, a mere speck on a USGS topographical map, on the banks of the Diamond River.

The Dreamer:
John W. McClarty

The Honorable Judge John W. McClarty shares his story of a Black youth's dream to become a lawyer and the obstacles he overcame to successfully accomplish his goal. With family photos and family history, he details his struggles and how he accomplished success.


Fighting to save a primitive planet targeted by the Alliance's enemies, Kairn never expected to find the female who haunted his dreams made flesh and blood.  Daria's life revolved around her work. She had given up on finding romance...let alone love. Earth was now under attack by an evil alien empire—under siege. Daria is trying to do her job as best she can in an upside-down world. Then the cavalry arrives...in the form of giant, gorgeous alien warriors.

These aliens are working toward restoring Earth to the pristine beauty she used to be. In their charismatic leader, Daria finds the most amazing partner. What’s an Earth girl to do but grab on with both hands and hold on tight to enjoy the ride? After all...what could possibly go wrong?

The Goddess of  Promised Land: Genesis

In Goddess of Promised Land: Genesis, anarchist Amanda Foster and her mother, who is still enmeshed in Jim Crow, disagree on what to do with an abandoned mysterious baby of color found in a back pasture of the Promised Land. Amanda flees with the baby to a hidden sanctuary in Virginia so she can live in peace with her child. It's there where new love blossoms, but also more danger.

Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, and the Synchronous Fireflies of the Great Smoky Mountains


What animal can hold a child's attention better than a mischievous, cunning penguin?! Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, is such a penguin. Despite her small size, she can be an example to children. Size is an obstacle only if you let it be. Penguins are some of the most entertaining animals on the planet! Come and join Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, and her family as they enjoy the amazing synchronous fireflies in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee!

Dream Big, Noodle!


This cute and colorful book is about a little lady, named Noodle. Noodle has a BIG imagination. You never know what Noodle will be dreaming next! She dreams with no limitations. Entertaining and encouraging. Children will fall in love with Noodle's energy and her BIG DREAMS!



Neil is a boy with an imaginary friend, Langston. As Neil grows older, he loses contact with his friend. Langston has not been forgotten, but will they ever find one another again?

The Order of the Fallen


Achaiah knew the dangers of falling to earth for the love of his human, Nev. When Nev falls for her guardian angel, Achaiah, she is unaware of the danger that their love puts her in. That’s why fallen angels have one rule: Never fall in love with a human.

Misty, The Lonely Mermaid


Misty has many sea-creature friends, but not one true mermaid friend. Follow her adventures as she learns how to make friends while staying true to herself. We are meant to have friends and as long as we believe in ourselves, the right friend will come along.

The Mitchellgoshes


The Mitchellgoshes is a beautifully illustrated and fun story about a visit with some very magical characters. Follow two little boys from different backgrounds as they meet, form a friendship, and explore new possibilities.

Sweet Sofie Sue and Her Beach Adventures


Sweet Sofie Sue will teach your child to help, love, and value their friends, family, and loved ones through Sofie's adventure at the beach. A powerful little book to teach children how important it is to be kind to others. The author uses two methods—a Bible verse and animals to tell this delightful and fun story!

Those Devils in Baggy Pants


Those Devils in Baggy Pants was originally published in 1951 by Ross S. Carter, a member of the 82nd Airborne Division during WWII. Carter, one of the three surviving members of his original platoon and Silver Star and Purple Heart awardee, sadly, was never able to see his book in print. Instead, the final chapters were pieced together by his brother, shortly after Carter's passing, with the help of Carter's meticulous notes.

The White Room


The author spins a tale of excitement. Jonah Bosworth was only nineteen years old when he discovered a room full of unbelievably dark secrets, a room most people didn't make it out of alive. Four years later, Jonah tells the tale of the White Room, how he was forced to go in there, and how he managed to live to share the story.

Josie: A Story of Forgiveness

Josie is finally coming out of a deep depression after losing her mom to breast cancer only to find out her husband has been having an affair with her best friend. Her life is already in shambles when she learns her mother had some secrets of her own.


Wes Schum: Amateur Radio's Unsung Hero

On Thanksgiving Day 1961, Wes Schum was unstoppable. His Central Electronics Company had produced the world's most advanced single-sideband transmitter, setting the Amateur Radio World ablaze. Three months later, it was all over. 60 years later, learn why and what could have been.



Carla: The Cherub of Death

Carla has always feared the discovery of her violent world by the general public. She did her best to keep it hidden, even from loved ones. However, after a failed kidnapping by a cartel, one journalist might be close to throwing Carla into the greatest danger of her life.

These Haunted Hills

A Collection of Short Stories

Book 3

Appalachian hauntings are back with the third installment of These Haunted Hills. Each story within these pages is packed with spooky intrigue and page turning excitement. Seven accomplished authors have come together to create another anthology full of mystery and supernatural elements that will have you rereading these stories for season to come.

Her Tuscan Sister

The sudden death of her brother Jim, and the subsequent discovery of a half-sister living in Tuscany, up end Catherine (Cat) Emerson's tranquil life. Since Cat refuses to fly-even in a post-pandemic world- her Tuscan sister Luna Bianchi and Nico, Luna's soon-to-be adopted son, travel to Amelia Island, Florida to join Cat. On the flight, Luna and Nico meet Sam Lawrence who's a dead-ringer for Cat's high school boyfriend. A romance blossoms between Cat and Sam.

I Will Spin Again

MaryElla has just been given the role of The Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker Ballet. After she is injured on the playground, she loses her special part and must summon all her courage and strength to find her way back to health. On her journey she learns the important life lessons of dedication, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Amanda's Civil War In the Great Smoky Mountains

While women's place in the nineteenth-century society was strictly defined, some women transcended those boundaries. My fictional leading lady, Amanda Armstrong was one of those women. Out of food and supplies, Amanda traveled to Knoxville, looking for a way to support herself until the war was over. Along the way, she encountered an orphaned black boy who attached himself to her and would not let go. When she returned home a few months later, he followed her. After conquering her own deep-seated fears, Amanda profoundly affected the lives of many people, including the women of her neighborhood who were also struggling to survive the war. Together they must survive.

Ricky's Desert Adventure

Ricky, a talking cactus, has a dad who is in trouble and he is determined to save the day, but how does a prickly pear cactus do that? Thankfully the desert is full of new friends everywhere he goes. Ricky shares his adventure on his journey.

Bad Love Medicine

Adolf Hitler’s darkest secret is about to cross paths with the time-traveling Bad Love Gang on their quest to save the life of one of their members from a fate of terminal breast cancer. Back from their mission to save the Republic of Azur from volcanic destruction in Bad Love Beyond, the Bad Love Gang are knighted in a royal ceremony and celebration for the ages at the Queen’s Palace on Planet Azur. Blue Nova One gives Bubble Butt the cure for Hannah Lieb’s breast cancer and a secretive rescue device. The Bad Love Gang returns to Earth to deal with the KGB and plan their time-travel trip back to World War II Europe to find Hannah Lieb. Can they triumph?

Andy and the Beats

Andy and the Beats is a story of hope and encouragement in the face of adversity. The goal is to teach kids the importance of being patient and persistent in their journey to understand how to live with a chronic illness. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story that begins as a day like any other for Andy, until a visit from the virus turns his whole world upside down! Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Andy sets out on an adventure to find a cure with the magical Beats. Will they find the key that fits the cure?

The Summer the Air Changed


Life is right normal for fourteen-year-old Bit Sizemore and her precocious twelve-and-a-half year old best friend, Wisteria Calliope Jones, until Bug Jeter sees Jesus in a rock and changes little Lovington, North Carolina forever. Tourists discover the sleepy mountain town, big-city pretty-boy Palmer Lee Compton threatens the girls' friendship, and the town's pets begin disappearing. That's when Wisteria decides that it's up to her and Bit to solve the mystery of the missing pets, while side-stepping the minefields of hurt feelings and teen crushes.




Scattered Flowers


Scattered Flowers is a collection of short stories centering on Appalachian women and the beauty of the Appalachian home-place. These stories have been carefully crafted by an impressive collection of talented authors. Each tale is sure to tug your heartstrings, bringing laughter, tears, and lasting impressions that will keep you coming back to this anthology again and again.

The Joy of Being You


The Joy of Being You uses the humorous differences in two dogs and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality preferences to help children find joy in who they are.


"In this inspired picture book, Rick Toomey celebrates the differences that make us special through the stories of his last two pets. As you get to know Mia and Beau—two very different dogs—their contrasting yet beautiful personalities will win you over. Their adventures help us see the strengths in not only our unique take on the world, but also that of those around us."

—Micki Bare, Author of The Hubbleville Series



The author writes: This book is a collection of true short stories and personal anecdotes about people I've known, experiences I've had, and places I've been. Life lessons and fun tales from a bygone era, these writings afford the readers an opportunity to escape from the busyness of the hectic world in which we live, along with the opportunity to take the time to reminisce about or become acquainted with a more innocent, easier time. All the while, this book encourages readers to seek deeper faith in the One who made us all. Born and bred on the flatlands of West Texas, I've had a blessed life, and I thank you, the readers, for allowing me to share a little bit of it with you.

Andrew Searches for a Forever Family


Andrew Searches for a Forever Family tells a story about a little boy named Andrew, a special needs orphan, who is on a journey to find a forever family. This story of adoption is written in poetic form from the view of the adoptive family, as well as the child, expressing the joy of these two becoming one family. We see the patience, labor, and love involved in the process and the joyful ending.

Great Granny and Her Yucky Old Cat


Molly's Life as she knows it is about to change...

"The scary old house stands looming, staring at me with its creepy dark windows. I am being forced to stay with my old great granny for an entire week! No computer, cable TV, video games or even my cell phone! My life is over! And then there's that pathetic cat of hers. He's always nearby, grossing me out!"

Molly's thoughts run away with her as she realizes her reality for the next seven days. But Molly's reality begins to change as she learns some very interesting things, such as how to gut a fish, and realizes that appearances can be deceiving.

Molly learns many lessons in her visit with her Great Granny!

The Origin Society "Us": Book 2


In the first book of the series, THEY, Jess and Jace Grisham survived a harrowing adventure to find their father and expose the truth that aliens have been visiting Earth for years. In Us, "They" have arrived and nothing will ever be the same. The battle for the future of the planet is just beginning

Shell Racers


Explore the adventures of these two turtles who chose to race for a mouth-watering head of cabbage instead of deciding to share it. They soon find out that they both lose in the end.


A portion of net sales of this book will be going toward ocean and turtles conservation.

Journey to Your Self—

How to Heal from Trauma:

Written by Someone

Who Did


Paperback Retail Price: $20.00

Hardback Retail Price: $29.95


Journey to Your Self is my story of child molestation, sexual assault, bullying and rape. It is also the story of how I hit rock bottom and from there on out successfully healed my trauma and transformed my life.

Fireflies Dancing in

the Night


Paperback and Hardback Available


When Luna begins to see the pink petals of the blossoming dogwood outside her classroom, spring fever quickly turns to thoughts of summer vacation and her family's annual trip to visit relatives in the Midwest. They soon pack their car with everything they need, including Luna's pet hedgehog, Thistle, dreaming of watching the flickering fireflies dancing in the night.

Monkey's New Friend



Life is not always easy when you are a dog named Monkey. Losing a friend always hurts, but losing two can be too much to bear. How do you keep going? Sometimes, you have all you need in your own backyard. The story of Monkey is a reminder to appreciate who and what you have. It reminds you to live in the present instead of focusing on what you no longer have. Learning that everyday is a gift and you never know the surprises of what lies in the next day.

Michelle Meets Her Match



Michelle Meets Her Match follows Michelle through her pediatric residency at Johns Hopkins University, where she falls in love with a fellow resident who is from South Africa. His father is a diamond merchant, and both he and the doctor's mother meet Michelle before they are married in the USA. As dual citizens the couple travel back and forth between the two countries sharing their families. The two of them are united around the care of critically ill children.

Dark Passion in Eagle Hills



Newspaper reporter, Madison Pope, begins her well deserved vacation in the coastal town of Eagle Hills, North Carolina. A chance encounter with the local cop stirs her emotions and awakens her hidden desires. Complicated by a heinous murder and a seductive battle of wills, can Madison relinquish her control and satisfy her sexual cravings?


Bad Love Beyond:

The Bad Love Series Book 3



Back from their mission as the Bad Love Tigers to secure the secrets of Area 51 and the White Hole Project, the Bad Love Gang are summoned to the Oval Office by President Gerald Ford. They receive his blessing to use the White Hole Project to attempt intergalactic space travel in search of the cure for Hannah Lieb's breast cancer. But Ford warns them that their arch-enemy, Russian KGB super-agent Borya Krovopuskov, remains at large and a constant threat.


Fighting off the KGB and Krovopuskov, the group sets a trap for him as they plan to return to Area 51 in 1942 using the White Hole. They reconnect with their alien friend, Blue Nova One, on Earth's sister planet, Azur, 11.5 billion light years away. The Blue Azurians are facing a dire shortage of blue exotic matter and the Republic of Azur is facing a volcanic extinction event of historic proportions. The Bad Love Gang must deal with dinosaurs, the forces of nature, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and alien politics in their race to get the cure for Hannah. Can they do it?

Live Like Grunt


Hardback and Paperback Available


Live Like Grunt is a story about a yellow lab who gave the Burdine family unconditional love and loyalty for about a dozen years. Grunt was his name and love was his game. Miles and Denise Burdine brought Grunt home for their three girls, Nikki, Laura and Alyce. His name came from Miles, who is a USMC Colonel, also known as a "Grunt." They do the hard work, the dirty work, the groundwork...the Grunt work. Grunt Dog also adorably 'grunted' quite a bit as a puppy. Grunt followed the girls wherever they went, did whatever they did and was always happy to do so. The feeling was mutual. But the girls slowly learned, it was Grunt's attitude that was worth emulating.

Over the Circumstances


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Over the Circumstances is a book of engaging, relatable, true stories and observations about life that help the reader to learn biblical truths through human experiences. The author shares insights the Holy Spirit has opened to her as she observes the lessons that God has hidden in His creation and the everyday, mundane occurrences of life.


Pete's Angel

A Story of Self-Love


Pete's world is sad and lonely. Not only does he not like anything about himself, but he doesn't fit in with the other kids. It isn't until Pete's misfit guardian angel, T. J., teaches him the art of loving himself that Pete becomes happy and fulfilled. The book is beautifully illustrated with vibrant colors and wonderful facial expressions. Easy to read and the message is heartwarming. With a love based message, adults will enjoy reading the book too!

These Haunted Hills:

A Collection of Short Stories, Book 2


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


With the Appalachian region as a backdrop, each story brings fictional characters to life with intertwining moments of mystery, humor, the supernatural and a reality check of the beating heart. A group of talented authors has created a delightful, haunting read in a non-cookie cutter, invigorating style that each reader will enjoy! Each story brings its own intriguing and engaging moment of excitement and thoughtfulness.

Carla: The End of Reason


Paperback Retail Price: $16.95


Carla had been on the fringes before. She was once a hired killer for a domestic terrorist organization, a position that allowed her to pay for her grandfather's medical bills. This time, the powers that be want her on the extremes to stop a mysterious mastermind who wants to destroy the very idea of reason.

Tweets From Another Donald


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Written from the heart, author Donald Umbarger uses Tweets from Another Donald to share his humble beginnings. He was molded and shaped by his surroundings, and his personal stories-- set in Ceres, a small community nestled in the mountains of Southwest Virginia--will resonate with anyone who has grown up in a small, rural community or in the Appalachian Mountains. His stories, experiences, and views reflect his journey of growing up in a hardworking family and finding peace in his Christian walk. Marching to his own beat, his "tweets" take readers through different stages of his childhood and adulthood. Step back in time with him as he takes you through the good times, the sad times, and the conflicting times of being a member of a small, poor farming family. You may discover that you don't always agree with his opinions and his commentaries; however, you will be educated on how to walk the road less traveled.

Gorgeous Georgia


Gorgeous Georgia: A Story of Inner Beauty is about a giraffe who brags on herself to the other animals, calling herself Gorgeous Georgia. She eventually learns that beauty comes from within your heart. The other animals learn that you should never judge others because you don't know what they are dealing with.

Kodiak: King of the Grizzlies


Paperback Retail Price: $16.99

Hardback Retail Price: $30.00


A 15-year-old city-boy moved into a remote forest cabin on Big Bear Mountain and realized his connection to nature after discovering the 100-year-old journal of a grizzly hunter. The California Grizzly Bear was hunted into extinction 100 years ago, and was the most terrifying monster the early pioneers had ever faced. The journal tells the untold story about the extinction of the bears and describes an epic final battle between the grizzlies and the US Army. It even has a talking bear from outer space! Kodiak was a fierce, giant grizzly with special powers who was sent by the Great Creator to help the bears survive their impending doom. Battles raged and the bears were pursued but one clan escaped total annihilation with some unexpected help. This book has stories within stories as you read the entries in the journal, the boy's reaction, and how it affects events in his modern life. It is written in a way that mixes natural science with war and fantasy to create a roller-coaster adventure with many surprising twists.

Zeb's ParaNORMAL Life


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Zeb's ParaNORMAL Life is the story of fourteen-year-old Zeb, a medium who refuses to accept his ghost communicating abilities until he forms a strong friendship with a new girl at school, who only he can help. Zeb is forced to attend Eusapia Palladino Academy, a high school in rural Pennsylvania devoted to helping students develop their medium abilities. Zeb is different than the other students in that he doesn't just see ghosts, but he can touch them, too. Zeb ends up befriending, Karen, a spunky girl with a stubborn attitude. Karen helps Zeb start to see his abilities as being a gift. However, their friendship takes a turn for the worse when Zeb discovers that Karen may actually be dead. In order to find out the truth about Karen's past, Zeb will need to use all his psychic abilities that he's been too scared to try.



Paperback Retail Price: $15.00

Hardback Retail Price: $25.00


Buddy will serve as a teaching/learning tool. It is a book about seasons, science, color appreciation, and family. The teaching tools are demonstrated through Buddy, a beautifully illustrated leaf who seeks adventures and struggles to learn patience and acceptance of his situation. He learns the importance of responsibility to his family. This book is rich in vocabulary. Little imaginations will take flight, and their observance about the active world around them will be greatly enhanced.

Silent Cries


To young Randy Collins, the only thing he could do was run away. He was sure his dad was involved in dogfighting, and Randy had to protect his dog Cookie, a Pit Bull. Follow Randy's adventures through the foothills of Central Pennsylvania. Learn how he threw the search party off his trail, how he hid on an Amish farm, and how he hooked up with a mountain woman who had an agenda all her own.









Silent Fears


Someone is stealing horses, but who and why? So many horses from the same surrounding farmland are disappearing. Follow the trail of these stolen horses bound for slaughter in Canada and find out how a team of rough riders is called into action.










Silent Suspicions


Dr. Susan West had her hands full. Many of her equine clients were anemic even though they had no other health issues. Dr. West had no clue what was going on until she confronted her vet tech. Find out what Adelphi Labs was sending to the old abandoned school building where a bizarre horse experiment was in progress behind locked doors.











Burrito the Donkey


Burrito the donkey is a very curious critter. He lives on a large farm with several other farm animals. He enjoys his job keeping them all safe, and he is definitely the barnyard boss. Each colorful illustration demonstrates his loveable characteristics.


Bad Love Tigers:

The Bad Love Series Book 2



Fresh off their mission to rescue Holocaust victims in 1944 Poland, the Bad Love Gang assemble at the White Hole Project to celebrate New Year's Eve 1975. At the stroke of midnight, they are ambushed by a Russian KGB agent bent on stealing the secrets of the White Hole Project. Faced with telling the authorities or going it alone, the Bad Love Gang travels back in time to meet with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) for his advice and direction. FDR appoints the Bad Love Gang to protect the future integrity and security of not only the White Hole Project, but also America's top-secret Area 51. To accomplish FDR's directives, the Gang must undertake a dangerous road trip across 1945 WWII America from Warm Springs, Georgia to Area 51 in Nevada. Russian, Chinese, and Indian espionage forces stand in their path. Their mission ends in June, 1942 WWII China, where at FDR's mandate, the Bad Love Gang volunteer for the famous AVG Flying Tigers under General Claire Chennault. In the forests of southern China, they must protect the secrets of Area 51 and keep those secrets in America's hands. Can they do it?

Three's a Crew


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Each family has its unique foibles and in this wonderfully illustrated book, Three's a Crew, the author shares a family story and how they work together as a family. Written in an easy to read rhyme, the family of two boys became a family with three boys, and this is the beginning of the story.

The Safety Deposit Box Shock: Your Secrets Will Find You Out


Paperback Retail Price: $16.00


A Sophomore track star falling in love with the Senior campus sweetheart rocked the University of Kansas with scandal. Their love produced a little girl who thought her father was dead. The secret about her father lay deep at the bottom of a safety deposit box. This is a biography—a true story of the life of Paul Bryan Patterson, PhD, and his legacy, written by his daughter. It explores his family's genealogy, his life at the University of Kansas, his married life, his secret, and the tragedies that colored his life.

Where are the Goats?


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00

Hardback Retail Price: $24.95


The author recounts an event with the family as a child in Oklahoma and creates an adventurous journey for the reader. A family looks for a place to live and they find a fix-it farm. The mother, father, and a young boy find a place on a goat farm and it becomes an adventure with the goats as the goats try to burn down the world. Beautifully illustrated.

Mile Markers: A Memoir


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Author Oberg opens the doors to anyone who has ever questioned aspects of their upbringing. The reader will find that Mile Markers is literally one question after another from different points in the author's life. The reader will share her experiences and her desire to "learn beyond" and walk forward towards unexpected horizons. If you have ever questioned family ties rooted in religious teaching, this book is for you. Told with raw emotion, the author's personal story takes you, the reader, through her turmoil to her wellness. Her journey can provide healing, be insight and encourages readers to listen to their "still, small voice".

What Do Police Officers Do?

What Do Police Officers Do? is a beautifully illustrated children's book detailing acts of kindness, community participation and the many services that police officers perform to protect and serve their communities. A useful teaching tool showing children how police officers help people and protect people in their line of duty.

Clinch Mountain Girls

Author Nancy Withington Bell shares rich authentic stories from 24 women who bravely made a move to a new region. In the mountain hollows of Tennessee, the newly arrived "girls"-young, suburban women from 15 states-supported each other, learning country ways and how to produce their own water, warmth, and food. Fleeing urban consumer culture and the social strife of the 1970s, they learned from the locals, became strong women, and formed a lasting community.

Carla: A Death in Paris

Paris—a city of love, a city of history, a city of tourists. And a city with many dark forces moving in the shadows. Carla is on assignment in France's romantic city, tracking a terrorist cell. However, one tragic mistake will put her on the run...even from her own.