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Amanda's Civil War In the Great Smoky Mountains


While women's place in the nineteenth-century society was strictly defined, some women transcended those boundaries. My fictional leading lady, Amanda Armstrong was one of those women. Out of food and supplies, Amanda traveled to Knoxville, looking for a way to support herself until the war was over. Along the way, she encountered an orphaned black boy who attached himself to her and would not let go. When she returned home a few months later, he followed her. After conquering her own deep-seated fears, Amanda profoundly affected the lives of many people, including the women of her neighborhood who were also struggling to survive the war. Together they must survive.

The Summer the Air Changed


Life is right normal for fourteen-year-old Bit Sizemore and her precocious twelve-and-a-half year old best friend, Wisteria Calliope Jones, until Bug Jeter sees Jesus in a rock and changes little Lovington, North Carolina forever. Tourists discover the sleepy mountain town, big-city pretty-boy Palmer Lee Compton threatens the girls' friendship, and the town's pets begin disappearing. That's when Wisteria decides that it's up to her and Bit to solve the mystery of the missing pets, while side-stepping the minefields of hurt feelings and teen crushes.

Michelle Meets Her Match


Michelle Meets Her Match follows Michelle through her pediatric residency at Johns Hopkins University, where she falls in love with a fellow resident who is from South Africa. His father is a diamond merchant, and both he and the doctor's mother meet Michelle before they are married in the USA. As dual citizens the couple travel back and forth between the two countries sharing their families. The two of them are united around the care of critically ill children.

Rich Girl


Kathy is a small-town girl in the 1980s who is desperately seeking to escape her dismal life. As she comes of age, she learns that escaping one set of problems only leads to new ones. Her journey to discovering herself takes her down an unlikely path that will keep you laughing and cheering for her along the way.

Secrets in Paris


Paperback Retail Price: $16.99


Marcia had to learn how to survive. To do so, she was introduced to the life of the escort service. After escaping that line of work, she decides to spend a year in Paris to rebuild her life. She meets Stephane, an heir to a wealthy family fortune and falls in love with him, but to her horror, she discovers that Stephane's sister, Etienne, is engaged to marry Mason, a former dysfunctional client. Will he expose her past life? Or should she confess to Stephane and chance losing him to protect Etienne? Does all come to a crashing end?

Greezy Creek


Paperback Retail Price: $29.95


Kentucky's Appalachian Highlands (circa. 1930's) is a world where habits and customs often bewilder: where the ties of kinship and ancestry hold to unswerving lines, where moonshiners leave incipient trails and the strains of hard times too often coalesce into the empty-eyed face of hardscrabble. It's where Bobby Yonts and Rubin Cain (as good as brothers) come of age and test the limits of things new and out of bounds. But it's the odious hand of cruelty that underscores the unraveling of their naivety and binds them to the unwritten code of the mountains, one which guarantees you're going to get what's coming to you. A first-person narrative, Greezy Creek tells of an Appalachia honed by the unacquainted ways of the Scot-Irish hybrids cloistered in its deepest regions. The story follows two childhood friends, Bobby Yonts and Rubin Cain, as they learn and grow into adulthood. Character-driven with rich historical insights, Greezy Creek takes readers behind the veil of a family known for its fierce ingrained independence; a family bound by self-determination and all that's necessary to survive. Yet, even from their bittersweet and ill-famed existence comes the imprint of their wit and wisdom, the uniqueness of their wilderness ways, and what it means to be bound by blood.

Welcome Back, Class of '65


Paperback Retail Price: $16.95


The Class of '65 is coming home to Masonville High for their fifty-year reunion, the first since they graduated. A lot of changes can take place in fifty years. Thank God for name tags! Now if they can just read them without squinting! Everyone is anxious to see how their classmates turned out. They can't wait to see their Most Athletic hunk and the brainy Most Intellectual. Wonder if any of their teachers are still living? Some have secrets, and they want to keep it that way...but you know about secrets. They just have a way of slipping out, especially in a small town

Things That Women Do


Paperback Retail Price: $18.95


After Anna Shields receives an invitation from her estranged Aunt Lydia, she flies to Tennessee to find a number of older women-Tasha, Sadie, and Chloe—also living on Lydia's farm. Losing power during a blizzard, the women share dark and startling secrets. Skating between past and present, they reveal frighteningly desperate things that they have done. Anna begins to realize, to her shock, that these things are connected to her own past and become key to her future.


Gracie Goodbye
Hope House Girls Series
Book Four


Paperback Retail Price: $16.95


After a gang rape leaves Missy pregnant, she leaves her home in West Virginia for a maternity home in Ohio. While in the maternity home, she makes forever friends, develops her singing voice, and watches as her beloved brother falls in love with her best friend. In order to avoid the stigma of her conception, Missy decides to put her child up for adoption. Now an adult, she must overcome the rape that haunts her while trying to navigate a love life of her own.

Her Beauty Burns


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Katelyn had fierce confidence and high standards at a young age. She relished in rejecting admirers...until the tables turned. While reinventing herself in University, she's swept up in a scorching romance that consumes her. He warms his way into her heart before slowly picking it apart. Once her confidence goes up in flames, he has the power to set her whole world on fire. Will Katelyn survive her beauty burning?

Growing Up and Going Back


Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Jennifer Johnson left her southern roots behind after college to start over in New York City. Now just shy of turning twenty-nine, Jennifer is let go from her job as a public relations manager and returns to her hometown of Edmonds, Virginia for the summer. Jennifer makes a deal with herself; she will continue freelancing while applying for jobs, and when the summer is up go back to New York City and start a new job there. While flying back to her hometown, Jennifer is seated next to an old friend from high school, Aaron Scott. He doesn't recognize her at first- or so she thinks- as she's changed since their junior year, in more ways than just her physical appearance. Jennifer must learn to readjust to living life under her parents' roof with her younger sister while beginning a new summer job in the most surprising of places.

The Voice


Paperback Retail Price: $16.95


Roger, a poet, is controlled by a Voice. He runs away from his family and friends, and is now homeless. Disheveled, injured, and brought to the ER, Roger is discovered by Cathy, his high school sweetheart, whom is now married and a nurse. Tiffany, Cathy's younger sister, has a melodious voice that helps to wrest the Voice's grip on Roger's mind. Along the way Roger keeps describing his tribulations in vivid poems.

Go for the Honey


Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Cathy is abused by unloving and uncaring parents and is used by the pimps who say they are offering her a path to the college education she dreams of completing. She is only fifteen, so she doesn't understand that all those people are trying to use her until she is raped, beaten, and left for dead. The story and the Hope House Girl Series contains messages of making wrong decisions or road blocks thrown in lives, but the true message establishes strength in Christian values and faith.

My Bucket's Got a Hole in It


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Author Teresa Stutso Jewell takes the reader on the long, treacherous trip across the ocean while she follows three families as they create the Appalachian culture that we have today. Great read for anyone of any age. Three families leave England and land on the coast of Virginia in the mid 1600's. Soon they find a hidden, undiscovered mountain in West Virginia, and live secretly for almost 300 years. The reader will uncover this culturally unique place known as the Appalachian Mountains -- a corner of the world where a distinctive lifestyle and dialect can yet be found.

To Survive Divinity


Paperback Retail Price: $24.95


Seven hundred years after The Cataclysm, gods walk the earth and all the old religions have been banned. Every year, six women are given as Offerings to the gods of War and Death. Those who complete the Disciplines are made Brides for the god to whom they were offered. Those who do not are forever forgotten. Being Chosen is the honor of a lifetime, but for fiery Kaija, a non-believer, it is a prison sentence. Letting go of her old life as a free woman is difficult, and Kaija's feisty spirit might get her into trouble. It will definitely get her noticed. Carrying with her an illegal copy of a Holy Book, Kaija is on a mission to both survive and keep her faith in the face of very real, manifest gods. If she fails, she disappears forever. If she succeeds, however, it might just change the world. Does Kaija have what it takes to survive divinity?

Soaring Passion in Eagle Hills


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Recently widowed, Lily Roberts leaves her Appalachian hometown seeking serenity in the Carolina coastal town of Eagle Hills. Instead, she stumbles into a world of intrigue, murder, and passion. Lily's encounter on the beach with a mysterious stranger arouses an unquenchable thirst. Will she satisfy her desires or fall victim to a secret political agenda? This fiction story is a fascinating tale of romance, murder, and mystery. Surprise twists and turns are woven with passionate love scenes, scandalous secrets, and an ending that's sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Return to Walkers' Mountain:

Madison McKenzie Files


Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Return to Walkers' Mountain is a work of fiction, however, the Walker's story is true. Bev Freeman remembers the story since she was only 12 years old. She never knew the outcome of the man who murdered the family. The fiction story is centered with actual events, but develops into fiction with the main character, Madison, and how she goes on her own to solve the mystery.

The Dark Side of the Woods


Paperback Retail Price: $12.95


How could Sadie have lived so long in this town without knowing it was harboring a very old secret? The dark side of the woods was a place she walked by nearly every single day and it seemed perfectly normal. But one day, she realized, nothing that walked in there, walked back out. Curses and wolves are somehow entangled in Sadie's new romance, and a gruesome transformation threatens to change everything she has ever known. She's the only one who can save her town, her love, and herself. It has to end where it started, in the center of the forest.

Rainbow Bridge


Paperback Retail Price: $12.95


Gem is mourning her grandmother and baby boy, losing one to cancer and the baby by the hands of her abusive husband. She was raised by her grandmother when her hippie mother abandoned her; she never knew her father. Gem’s only desire is to love and be loved. Her best friend, Carolyn from high school, has comforted her through these tragedies. As well as her deceased grandmother, whom Gem feels is still with her, making her laugh, and still teaching her. Gem struggles to begin her life, again. Landing a new job, she bonds with a special needs child. After a terrorist attack occurs, she loses another chance at happiness. Bent but not broken, she recovers to discover a genuine love and strength within herself. As long kept secrets about her grandmother are revealed, Gem finds her place, and a family. Her past and her future become reconciled, in heaven and on earth.

In Search of Nell


Paperback Retail Price: $16.95


Born into a world beyond her understanding, Mercy is confused by her childhood experiences of abandonment, neglect, and abuse. She stubbornly questions the cultural expectations and gender inequality for women during the 1960s. Although she struggles with insecurities, she learns to bravely navigate her own destiny and persists in overcoming insurmountable odds. Despite her rigid upbringing, Mercy dreams of a life beyond her beloved Appalachian Mountains, as well as a life-long commitment to locate her birth mother.

Always My Son


Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Always My Son is one of a five book series revolving around girls who shared a season at Hope House, a maternity home. Two girls chose to keep their babies, including Candy, and the other three chose adoptive placement. The stories begin with their choices and continue through God's redemptive plan in their lives. Candy's healing comes through her marriage to Joe and his mother's marriage to the police officer who saved her life, which brings them into a loving, exuberant Hispanic family. Candy's hope is when the shame of her childhood abuse is revealed, her son, whom Joe considers his own, will accept the father who chose him.

Marble Town


Hardback Retail Price- $22.95


Marble Town tells the story of thirteen-year-old Cole Atwater whose mother was killed in an automobile accident when he was ten. Cole questions whether or not he will follow in the destructive footsteps of his best friend, cling to his childhood sweetheart, become further distant from his grieving father, or trust himself. Through mysterious clues left throughout the historic cemetery his mother tended, the story becomes one of hope, healing, and redemption.


Her Own Hero


• Retail Price- $10.95


A suspenseful women's fiction novel about a Vegas showgirl named Samantha whose life is turned upside down when Mr. Right turns out to be anything but. While Samantha makes a lot of bad choices along the way, she learns from each one, owning her mistakes. It isn't until she is in prison that it finally comes full circle. Themes of women's empowerment are heavy throughout the book. It is not only a thrilling suspense, but an empowering women's fiction novel sure to satisfy fans of books where the heroine reclaims her power (and her identity) despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

The Gave All Save Honor


• Retail Price- $17.95


Eden Stuart kept a journal during the tumultuous years of 1858-1870 detailing life in Federal City as southern senators left the Union to build a new country. An army and war brewed in Congress. Stuart's writings cover the troops encamped at Richmond; the battles fought at Bull Run, Chancellorsville, Seven Pines, Richmond and Appomattox, the deaths of Stonewall Jackson, Jeb Stuart, and General Lafayette, the surrender of the Confederacy. Also covered is the aftermath and the assassination of President Lincoln, Booth's co-conspirators, Johnson's impeachment and the restoration of the Union.

The Case of the Reprobate Raven: Series: Cherokee, Inc


• Retail Price- $12.95


This page turner captivates the reader with mystery, murder and a story that unravels to the end. Rose Martin of the series, Cherokee, Inc., begins a hunt for the brutal killer who chose a newcomer to the town as the victim. Rose, a private investigator, hunts for a brutal killer through grisly crime scenes. Follow her as she uncovers all of the strings that lead to why this happened.

Indian Summer


• Retail Price- $12.95


Just as soon as the beautiful drifter, Heather, finds peace of mind among the majestic blue mountains of the great Northwest, it is stripped away. Now, a familiar posse runs the town called Marigold and its mining community with their sharp and newly deputized claws. After finding out that this shot of evil has infected her life again and now rules everyone still left on the mountain, she quickly begins to search for the root source of its existence, before it poisons the people and the land itself forever.

Silence of the Bones - The Madison McKenzie Files


• Retail Price- $14.95


Madison and her dog discover a skull along the Appalachian Trail. Emotions over fow as she sees the empty eye sockets looking up at her. Madison feels pity for the lost one's life. She knows the feelings of abandonment; what it's like to be thrown out like trash. She wants to be the voice of the skull. She silently asks, "Who put you in this lonely place? How did you die? And who are you?" Madison's task is to solve the mystery of the broken heart but in the process, she uncovers secrets long hidden.

Adirondacks Artemis


• Retail Price- $9.95


Author D.L. Luke vividly portrays the intriguing tale of one of life's greatest fears-being lost in the wilderness. In Adirondacks, Artemis faces not only her present fears but fears for the future with only her dog and past experiences to guide her through her lonely introspection, her strengths, and weaknesses. Artemis and her dog are left deserted and alone with winter approaching, in the Adirondacks, with only a prayer and a hope for survival. Real and imaginary fears cloud Artemis's judgment, but not her desire to reach the county road and safety.

Blinded by Obsession


• Retail Price- $12.95


After the death of her husband, Lucy moves to a new town where she unexpectedly meets Cole and eventually falls in love. However,

what she doesn’t know, there’s another man, the mysterious Rodney, who loves her and has been watching her from afar for weeks. Rodney becomes obsessed with Lucy. He’s disillusioned and believes she belongs to him, so if he can’t have her, no one will. He has to decide if he will kill Cole, Lucy or both. Will Cole be able to save Lucy, or will he die trying to protect his love? Or will Rodney be captured before he can inflict his wrath on them?

Moon River


• Retail Price- $14.95


In this debut novel from author Amber D. Tran, a tale of adolescence and heartbreak unfolds. Nine-year-old Abigail Kavanagh first meets Ryan Mills during the summer of 1999. A shy and awkward boy, Ryan hides behind his wide-framed glasses while Abigail is determined to learn everything there is to know about him. The next few summers are filled with birthday parties, adventures in and around the West Virginian mountainsides, and late night conversations where they share their most secretive and personal thoughts.


Their friendship starts to crumble when Abigail befriends the attractive and musical Lilly Anderson, a girl who is also interested in uncovering the mysterious nature surrounding Ryan. However, everything comes to an end the summer of 2004, and Abigail must decide if her new journey is worth traveling alone.

A Place to Live: The Hope Series


• Retail Price- $14.95


Laura's parents wanted no part of her baby, nor did her boyfriend. Feeling bereft, she no longer belongs anywhere when she leaves Hope House, the maternity home where she found Christ. Can she find a place to belong, a home, a family? Does God have a plan and a purpose for her, to give her hope and a future?

Honeysuckle Holiday


• Retail Price- $10.95


Honeysuckle Holiday centers on the life of twelve-year-old protagonist, Lucy. It takes place in the south, in the late 1960s. Lucy struggles internally to come to terms with her parents’ sudden and mysterious divorce. She finds herself thrust – almost overnight – from a world of comfort and privilege into one of near marginality. When her mother hires a black woman to help her, the situation intensifies. As the story progresses, Lucy learns the mystery behind her parents’ divorce – her father’s uncharacteristic, almost unforgivable immersion in the KKK. Lucy comes to shed her unknowing racism, taking her beyond the ideals of youth – her love of books and the trappings of childhood knit closely to her very fiber. She learns to peel back the layers of human frailty (her own included) painful piece by painful piece, while struggling to hold on to the comforts of innocence.

To Everything There is a Season (The Trials of an Appalachian Family Book 3)


• Retail Price- $13.95


The consequences of one’s misdoings are never restricted to the wrongdoer, as seen in the life of the Swank family. Tom Swank’s evil deeds and “wandering ways” brought heartache to his wife and children, but it didn’t stop there, nor even with his death. The pain and suffering followed them down through the years...Carrie, his children, grandchildren, and even some not related. Luke and Jessie finally made a life for themselves, yet things are happening that make them wonder...Are we still paying for his mistakes? Does someone have a vendetta against us because of his sins? Someone is setting fires and it seems the fires are meant as retribution against the Swank family. In the midst of all this, Samuel, Jessie’s youngest son becomes ill and the diagnosis leaves them devastated. Is Jessie being punished for something he did that no one knows about, except Jessie and his mother? When will it all end? Will they ever have peace and happiness?

Mountain Echoes A Collection of Articles


• Retail Price- $19.95


Mountain Echoes is a compilation of stories, all results of a sifting through the history of Haywood County in Western North Carolina. Some are specific to the setting while others capture the essence of most anywhere in the Southern Appalachians. Taming a wilderness and transforming it into a called home is a tough job that requires people of strength, foresight, ingenuity, and wisdom. The reader will meet some of them here. Look for beauty in the physical surroundings, joy in square dancing and mountain music, humor in "Pulpit Crashers" and superstitions, compassion in "Mountain Girl," cruelty in "Captain Kirk," desperation in "Nance Dude," uniqueness in "Popcorn Sutton," and determination and pride everywhere.

Under the Weeping Willow


• Retail Price- $10.95


Step into the lives of one Kentucky family who will capture your heart and leave you wanting more. Belle, Pearl, and Sara, three generations of Appalachian women will teach you about life in a 1950’s family and how it touched the future. Under the Weeping Willow is a story about the closeness of family and how they enjoy the good times and pull together through the bad. Come into their world and live and learn from it along with them. You will feel like you’ve found a home and a family of Kentucky kin.


Go to www.snharmon.com to order.

One-Eyed Tom, The Trials of an Appalachian Family


• Retail Price- $12.95


Young girls of the Appalachian Mountains had their dreams just like everyone else…simple dreams of marrying a good man, moving across the hill and raising a family. Carrie Ranes had those dreams, and they included the handsome Tom Swank. When he asked her to be his bride, it seemed her dreams had come true, but Tom had a restlessness in him and a roving eye. The infamous Lily and notorious Loose Lizzie didn’t help matters, and even losing one eye in a foolhardy accident didn’t seem to slow him down. Tom wasn’t Carrie’s only concern, as diseases and illnesses were rampant in the mountains, with few doctors and even fewer cures. Her marriage woes are pushed aside as she battles to save her dying daughter. Will Carrie’s dreams be shattered? Can she save her daughter, her marriage, her family?



A Place to Belong, The Trials of an Appalachian Family, Book 2


• Retail Price- $12.95


Luke is coming home. For eight years he has been running from the pain of losing the woman he loves. She can never be his, and yet he cannot stop loving her. He longs for healing, and so he's coming home...searching. Jessie has spent his entire life filled with hatred for his father, yet he fears he may be like him. Because of that fear, he has vowed never to marry. Will the lovely, blue-eyed Mandy penetrate that wall around his heart? Then, there's the secret that torments him about the day down at the river... Alice has lost so much in her young life...the man she loved and still loves, her siblings, her baby daughter. Now it seems she may lose even more. Three people searching...for healing, for happiness and a place to belong.

Moon Over Taylor's Ridge


• Retail Price- $12.95


Avie Williams Cole has a mission: take a quick trip to Georgia to settle her father's estate. Too busy to go, her attorney husband, Michael, sends her off with their asthmatic son, Joseph, to keep her company. In tiny Taylor's Crossing, Avie settles in but is soon thrown off course by overbearing and meddling family members and her son's fascination with a legendary Cherokee Silver mine. Their search for the silver mine leads her up to Taylor's Ridge and to a new friend, Will. As her stay lengthens, her life begins to unravel even as she begins to blossom and make new friends. For the first time in her life, she must learn to stand on her own and find her way. Will she stay with her husband, or choose a new love? And how can she hold on to the red land she cherishes?

You Got It Right


• Retail Price- $12.95


A time and place that has seared its legacy in the American experience is chronicled in this thought provoking novel from John Goiser. The civil rights movement, one of the most turbulent times in recent U.S. history, is the setting for Goiser's latest novel. Readers will be mesmerized by the story Goiser has designed to recount the dark, but, hopeful days when a movement changed the direction of this country forever.

Three Witches in a Small Town


• Retail Price- $12.95


Three sisters are called home to their small town to learn the old ways of mountain healing and magic. Guided by their aging grandmother, the sisters embark on a path of self-discovery. Through good times and heartbreak, the sisters stick together and learn a new appreciation for their unique family heritage and one another. Witches, potions, romance, laughter . . . you will find them all in Three Witches in a Small Town.

The Manor


• Retail Price- $7.95


Joseph Stuart, a wealthy Scot marble baron, builds The Manor in 1890, in Ebyville, Georgia, to win his bride. When he proposed, she told him that if he built her the finest house in town, that she'd marry him. The manse has always been in the Stuart Family, until Katherine, a music teacher who moves to Ebyville, from New Mexico, to work at the middle school, falls in love with The Manor, and purchases a seeming dichotomy of exterior disrepair yet with beautiful flower gardens.She is unprepared, as is the entire town, for The Manor's unfolding secrets of its 106-year old history

Missing Sammy


• Retail Price- $10.95


Ella Hutchins discovers that she is the strong woman of Appalachian stock. She knows she is when she must overcome a tragic event in her life which takes away her reason for living. Her sons are long gone with families of their own so she and Sammy are there for each other. When that life ends, she struggles to start a new life.

Onward & Upward


• Retail Price- $10.95


Molly Thompson is a country girl, through and through. Molly becomes a wanderer when she reaches the age of 60 and keeps the roads hot from April to December every year selling her crocheted angels. She believes the angels she designs and creates from yarn have put her under their spell. She doesn’t set out to be a do-gooder, but it seems that her life just leans that way. This book shares Molly’s angel-influenced life with anyone who believes in angels and with those whose opinions can be changed, even if it is just a little bit.

Castle Dreams


• Retail Price- $13.95


Handsome nobleman, Malcolm MacMillan is split between two countries and two cultures, Scotland and England and faces an impossible situation. Educated as an English Lord, he finds love among his father's clansmen, a Highland lass from his past. Will she give Malcolm a chance to recapture her heart? Or will loyalty and responsibility dictate his destiny? Which will he choose?

Highland Dreams


• Retail Price- $13.95


Viscount Trent, John MacMillan rescues the heiress of the Clan MacNeil from the clutches of her greedy uncle. In doing so, his life is forever changed.

Princess Dreams


• Retail Price- $13.95


Viscount Trent, John MacMillan rescues the heiress of the Clan MacNeil from the clutches of her greedy uncle. In doing so, his life is forever changed.

Diamond Dreams


• Retail Price- $14.95


Daniel MacMillan, a middle son of the Earl of Kilford, has met the one woman who can steal his heart—Lady Patricia Carlisle. Daniel hopes to make this ‘Diamond of the First Water’—and a lovely person—his wife. But this hope seems to become hopeless, and through an unexpected chain of events, Daniel is the sole survivor of a shipwreck. While stranded in South Africa, he stumbles upon a riverbed full of rough diamonds. Read on to learn how Daniel’s Diamond Dreams become crystal-clear reality!

Secrets, Lies, and Pies


• Retail Price- $10.95


Whether it is the dish on a hot celebrity couple or the latest scandal in our home town, it seems that society is obsessed with gossip. Secrets, Lies, and Pies is a cautionary tale of how a rumor can take on a life of its own. Join Cutie Pies Bakery owner Marlene Prescot and her two best friends as they cook up sweet revenge in the first book of The Cutie Pies Chronicles.

Cheaters, Pies, and Lullabies


• Retail Price- $10.95


Return to Coleman, Virginia for Cheaters, Pies, and Lullabies; the much anticipated sequel to Secrets, Lies, and Pies. Nothing that anyone does in this small town goes without notice. So, how long can cheating spouses commence to carrying on without being caught? How does a new mother cope with evil stares and nasty comments as her parenting skills come under attack? Readers will find the answers to these and many other questions in Cheaters, Pies and Lullabies. Join Marlene, Dorothy, Allison, and Charity as they face the Coleman Canasta Club for one more round of Friends v. The Hens.

Playdates, Pies and Sad Goodbyes


• Retail Price- $10.95


The end of Cheaters, Pies, and Lullabies left readers with lots of questions, and found some of the ladies from Coleman at a crossroads. Is Charity's marriage worth saving? Will Marlene sell Cutie Pies in order to stay home with her son? Some life-changing decisions, a devastating diagnosis, and a family tragedy will forever change the lives of Marlene, Allison, Dorothy and Charity. If you are a fan of the "The Cutie Pies Chronicles," do not miss this opportunity to know the characters like never before. A bit of sour, a dusting of sugar, and a sprinkling of tears makes the third installment of the series more tempting than a big ole' slice of Marlene's pie. You will want to dig in! Come back to Coleman for Playdates, Pies, and Sad Goodbyes!

Sand Tarts, Pies, and the Devils in Disguise


• Retail Price- $10.95


Marlene and her two best friends are going to Hilton Head Island for some much deserved rest and relaxation. While the girls are living it up at the beach, the drama in Coleman will not take a vacation! The Hens have a few things to say about Marlene, Dorothy and Allison taking a girls trip. Gary is slipping deeper and deeper into his grief. Charity and Anna both let a couple of sinister men enter their lives. And Monique receives a mysterious tape she prays is not evidence of her checkered past. Sand Tarts, Pies, and Devils in Disguise takes readers from the mountains of Southwest Virginia to the sandy shores of South Carolina. It is a fun-filled ride full of hope, emotion, laughter and drama!

Goodbye Cutie Pies


• Retail Price- $10.95


Goodbyes are so hard! This ¬fifth and final installment in The Cutie Pies Chronicles has a few of your favorite characters severing some ties. One family must decide whether leaving their beloved hometown of Coleman is too large of a price for new and exciting opportunities. Two young women are fed up with bad boyfriends. Marlene faces some changes that make her weigh the pros and cons of letting her business go to someone else. Will they be able to say "Goodbye Coleman, goodbye to bad boys, and goodbye Cutie Pies?"

Hiding Ezra


• Retail Price- $12.95


Set during World War I in southwest Virginia, Hiding Ezra is the story of a simple farmer, Ezra Teague, who is forced to choose between fighting for his country and taking care of his family. Like more than 175,000 other young men, Ezra chose his family - not because he was a coward or a pacifist, but because he was practical and because he felt his Christian faith called him to do so. Hiding Ezra is also a love story, as we see the girl of his dreams, Alma Newton, try to figure out how to extricate Ezra from his predicament. And finally, Hiding Ezra is the story of an adventure, a quest, and a chase, as the authorities-including local boy Lieutenant Andrew Nettles-try to bring Ezra to military justice.

Master of the East Fork


• Retail Price- $14.95


More than a decade before the American Civil War, handsome young Basil Edmunston is exiled to oversee his family's immense farm in the wilds of western North Carolina. Lonely and unsure he is up to the task, the poor boy immediately falls victim to slave vexations and the allure of two mountain belles, Julia and Altha. With twists and turns, Basil resolves the romantic triangle, manages his responsibilities, and suffers a savage encounter with the despicable antagonist, Sam Beck.

Rebel Rousers (Sequel to Master of the East Fork)


• Retail Price- $14.95


Rebel Rousers, the sequel to Master of the East Fork, is a historical fiction novel set during the American Civil War. It tells the coming-of-age tale of a youthful Rebel soldier who hails from the western North Carolina highlands. At once, it seems, the strapping lad has to bear-up under his romantic longings for the miller's daughter, the hateful acts of an antagonist named Bugg, various personal tragedies, and the terrible trials of war. Will he survive the war? What about the girl? Realistic and well written.

The Birth Spoon


• Retail Price- $14.95


This mystery is set in the early 1980s and based on actual events. A high-school student unearths dark and deadly secrets of his Appalachian community. The explosive consequences forever mark his own life, his family's, and his town's.

Lead Me Home


• Retail Price- $11.95


A glimpse of a pragmatic, surreal and spiritual Southern journey back to his roots shows Max Peacock that one can come back home.



• Retail Price- $13.95


A young woman is challenged by a life rife with hardship and everyday living in rural Florida during the early 1900's.



• Retail Price- $13.95


Journeys of the Mathis family continue as Lydia and Melvin's life is fraught with tragedies and deaths in the family. Through the years, their enduring love and the love of their friends and family help to pull them through the tough times.

Failed Dawn


• Retail Price- $14.95


A rape in post-World War I Germany, the brutal murder of a beautiful young woman in Nazi Germany, and a series of murders in sleepy little Vero Beach, Florida, are enmeshed in a web of mystery that may connect them to another murder on the peaceful shores of the Indian River. Addressing the Nazi regime and the implementation of the Naval Air Station and UDT Seals, Failed Dawn is a sweeping saga that both enlightens and mystifies readers.

The Lub Dub


• Retail Price- $11.95


A heart donor delivery goes disastrously awry, when the driver of the delivery van spots his girlfriend in the arms of another.

The Fables of Leonardo da Vinci


• Retail Price- $12.95


A collection of stories based on the ideas and drafts annotated in Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks that delves into the delightful ironies of where his thoughts take him.

The Fishing Trip That Got Away


• Retail Price- $12.95


A fishing adventure goes awry when two anglers unwittingly make campsite in the middle of a great black bear's den. For three hair-raising days, Vincent and Eugene, manage to survive the onslaught of an enraged wilderness beast in an environment they just don't understand. The harrowing journey leads these lovable characters down a comical path where each new twist is an adventure in itself, even when the going gets rough and both men appear to be on the verge of their demise.

The Price of Being Thin


• Retail Price- $13.95


One woman's painful journey into the abyss of complications resulting from gastric by-pass surgery. Details are revealed that are so often glossed over by medical professionals. Gastric by-pass surgery touches every aspect of life, the cost excessive, and much more invasive than led to believe.

Tom Dooley: The Story Behind the Ballad


• Retail Price- $15.95


    After the Civil War Tom Dooley comes home to find the love of his life, Anne Foster, married to an older man. Anne, who had promised Tom she would wait for him, married for money while Tom was away. A hurt and angry Tom begins a romance with sweet Laura Foster, Anne’s  first cousin. However, Anne’s hold on Tom is a strong one, and after a time the relationship between Tom and Anne is rekindled. Meanwhile, a few months later Laura  finds out that she is pregnant. Tom struggles to do the right thing for his unborn child. He  finally agrees to meet Laura and run o  to Tennessee and get married. Tom visits Anne the night before he is to leave with Laura and tells Anne of

his plans. What happens next turns a lover’s triangle into the nation’s first highly publicized crimes of passion.