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The Puppeteer of Objects:

A Lyrical Poem


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


THE PUPPETEER OF OBJECTS: A Lyrical Poem asks the question, "What might objects see in us as they set their gaze?" rather than what might we see in them. Through the exploration of twelve seemingly inanimate objects, the reader is invited to peel back their intricate layers to reveal the voice behind these mute, yet ever-faithful friends. And, in the process, pretensions are dropped and reality finds its way into even the most remote places.

My Appalachian Mountain Laurels


Paperback Retail Price: $20.00


Readers from the Appalachian Mountains will understand the words written by the author. Readers not from the Appalachian Mountain region will get a better understanding of how lovely the mountains and the surroundings can be. The author's words will open your eyes and your heart to love the Appalachian mountains. Heartfelt poetry is written by the author to stir emotion and describe the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains and the rural region.

God's Grace and Mercy Are with Me Always


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


The prose and the poetry that intertwine throughout this book express in a simple way how to live for God, and to see how His grace and mercy go a long way, which is very important in the world that we live in today. One cannot go at it alone; we must have a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Daddy's Apple Tree


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


Daddy's Apple Tree is Dale's first book of poetry. Dale's poetry is uniquely lucid and original. He offers to the reader an opportunity to feel his sensitivity and thoughts, as he addresses a wide range of subjects such as love and romance, his childhood, family, and growing up in the family-oriented community of Lignum, within Culpeper, Virginia. He presents to you his down-home spun humor; and his adages about the quirks of everyday life with history and fiction juxtaposed within his works.

God, My Greatest Love


• Retail Price- $7.95


God, My Greatest Love is the work of poet Rose Klix. In 2012 Rose Klix celebrated her  fiftieth anniversary of writing poetry. In God, My Greatest Love Rose excerpts her poems which were religiously inspired. In this book Rose offers poems about all God’s roles in her life: His interaction with nature, Rose’s faith, angels, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, God’s people of all ages, and survival. She  finishes with a section of her prayers.

Heart Ballads


• Retail Price- $7.95


Step into the nurturing world of love, grace and spirituality crafted by the poetry of Betty Kossick. Heart Ballads is a soothing balm for the world-weary soul. Scenes from the world of nature will slow your racing heart and ease your worry-filled mind. A true “potpourri of poetry,” Heart Ballads sweeps you into this poet’s creative journey, calmly leading you toward peace. These works are songs from the soul and words from the heart.

Touch of Love


• Retail Price- $7.95


Author John Goiser has compiled a beautiful collection of religious-themed poems in Touch of Love. Suitable for any reader, the poems are both inspirational and soul fulfilling.