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Science Fiction

Bad Love Medicine

The Bad Love Series Book 4


Adolf Hitler’s darkest secret is about to cross paths with the time-traveling Bad Love Gang on their quest to save the life of one of their members from a fate of terminal breast cancer. Back from their mission to save the Republic of Azur from volcanic destruction in Bad Love Beyond, the Bad Love Gang are knighted in a royal ceremony and celebration for the ages at the Queen’s Palace on Planet Azur. Blue Nova One gives Bubble Butt the cure for Hannah Lieb’s breast cancer and a secretive rescue device. The Bad Love Gang returns to Earth to deal with the KGB and plan their time-travel trip back to World War II Europe to find Hannah Lieb. Can they triumph?

The Origin Society "Us": Book 2


In the first book of the series, THEY, Jess and Jace Grisham survived a harrowing adventure to find their father and expose the truth that aliens have been visiting Earth for years. In Us, "They" have arrived and nothing will ever be the same. The battle for the future of the planet is just beginning

Bad Love Beyond:

The Bad Love Series Book 3



Back from their mission as the Bad Love Tigers to secure the secrets of Area 51 and the White Hole Project, the Bad Love Gang are summoned to the Oval Office by President Gerald Ford. They receive his blessing to use the White Hole Project to attempt intergalactic space travel in search of the cure for Hannah Lieb's breast cancer. But Ford warns them that their arch-enemy, Russian KGB super-agent Borya Krovopuskov, remains at large and a constant threat.


Fighting off the KGB and Krovopuskov, the group sets a trap for him as they plan to return to Area 51 in 1942 using the White Hole. They reconnect with their alien friend, Blue Nova One, on Earth's sister planet, Azur, 11.5 billion light years away. The Blue Azurians are facing a dire shortage of blue exotic matter and the Republic of Azur is facing a volcanic extinction event of historic proportions. The Bad Love Gang must deal with dinosaurs, the forces of nature, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and alien politics in their race to get the cure for Hannah. Can they do it?

Bad Love Tigers:

The Bad Love Series Book 2



Fresh off their mission to rescue Holocaust victims in 1944 Poland, the Bad Love Gang assemble at the White Hole Project to celebrate New Year's Eve 1975. At the stroke of midnight, they are ambushed by a Russian KGB agent bent on stealing the secrets of the White Hole Project. Faced with telling the authorities or going it alone, the Bad Love Gang travels back in time to meet with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) for his advice and direction. FDR appoints the Bad Love Gang to protect the future integrity and security of not only the White Hole Project, but also America's top-secret Area 51. To accomplish FDR's directives, the Gang must undertake a dangerous road trip across 1945 WWII America from Warm Springs, Georgia to Area 51 in Nevada. Russian, Chinese, and Indian espionage forces stand in their path. Their mission ends in June, 1942 WWII China, where at FDR's mandate, the Bad Love Gang volunteer for the famous AVG Flying Tigers under General Claire Chennault. In the forests of southern China, they must protect the secrets of Area 51 and keep those secrets in America's hands. Can they do it?

Bad Love Strikes


In October 1939, Albert Einstein warns President Franklin D. Roosevelt that Nazi Germany is actively pursuing an atomic bomb and urges him to make sure that the United States develops the bomb first. Roosevelt heeds the warning and launches the "Manhattan Project" in June 1942. In October 1942, Roosevelt tells Einstein that prudence calls for the U.S. to have a back-up plan to the Manhattan Project in case Hitler gets the bomb first. Roosevelt commissions Einstein to secretly construct a usable time travel machine code-named the "White Hole Project." In June 1974, an adventurous group of teenage friends, who call themselves the "Bad Love Gang," discover a tunnel leading to the White Hole Project. They learn how to use the time machine and become the first known humans to travel back in time and return. Their mission is to save Jews and Gypsies from the Holocaust in November 1944 by using a U.S. Air Force B-17 bomber that was known as "The Phantom Fortress."





The Origin Society: They: Book 1


Paperback Retail Price: $12.75


Jess and Jace Grisham wake alone on the first day of Spring Break. That’s not unusual. Their father, Rick, is a conspiracy theorist determined to find “proof” that aliens have visited Earth and the government is covering it up. The twins realize their father may have stumbled into   something real this time when a Special Ops team crashes into their house through every door and window. Narrowly escaping through a hidden basement tunnel they never knew existed, Jess and Jace set off on a harrowing adventure to rescue their father. Along the way, they find out Rick was right all along. Humans are not alone in the universe. They are coming! Be aware! Be prepared!

Earth's Future: Red Alert


• Retail Price- $14.95


Today humanity faced extinction. The earth started gasping for oxygen. A horrified earthling called 911. Brian Diamond leaped through a high security lab window. The medicine for planet Earth had been stolen by an unsuspecting Chinese Agent. Diamond's anti-gravity vehicle cut through the air like lightning as he roared down the road in the fastest jet-propelled land rover in the US arsenal, determined to complete his mission.

Lucidity Falls


• Retail Price- $12.95


When an angel falls from heaven for the love of a human, dangerous events he never plans on are set in motion when his love for her breaks all the Laws fallen angels must abide by.

The Blood Tree


• Retail Price- $13.95


Buxton Manor was born of the Maze and nobody who enters that mysterious building will ever leave the same way. Its secrets are buried within the depths of a gruesome history and the rules of the game of Chance are the same wherever they are played.

The Maze


• Retail Price- $13.95

An action adventure with a touch of romance, a dab of horror and a whole lot of suspense when the forces of good and evil are at war and the Maze is the unstable bi-product of the game of ‘Chance’. That chance lies in the hands of one young woman who must save the world before it’s too late.

The Changling


• Retail Price- $13.95


Only the girl in the mirror can save him. Only she can help him find his way home. He is a pawn in an evil game, a game that holds him at bay within the unforgiving corridors of the dark side of the Maze. And now there are four coming to the rescue, searching for the girl in the mirror, searching for him. Johanna knows her fate, she knew it all along. It's time now for her to find her successor, to hand over the power of Hazzari before it's too late and the dark side of the Maze swallows up the earth, bringing humanity to her knees.

The Watchman


• Retail Price- $14.95


He was the Good Son. From the beginning of time, he was created to watch. He watched creation form, became Father Sky, watched the birth of the human race and walked among them as one of their own as the Walker Among Mankind, and watched as the game of Chance was played out between good and evil —The All Powerful and the Bad Son—and, he, the Good Son, watched and kept score as, with each roll of a die, the fate of mankind lay in their hands.

The Power of the Zycon


• Retail Price- $14.95


Somewhere within the Maze they are waiting to be found, to be reunited-the two pieces of the almost 2000-year-old Zycon. The journey to the Gates of Narh is fraught with untold dangers, and it is up to the Trio to retrieve the Dagger of Teorna before the Maze implodes, taking humanity with it. The Zycon has been the protector and banner of humanity ever since the birth of Luunie. After years of comparative peace, Armageddon is at hand, and the odds are heavily stacked against mankind. The walls are coming down, and the forces of evil are quickly spreading across the earth. quickly spreading across the earth. Will the Trio be able to succeed in their adventurous quest?

The Tale of the Golden Casket


• Retail Price- $14.95


The fate of the Maze rests within the Golden Casket which is now in the possession of the Novark King. If the Chosen Four are not reunited soon the Golden Casket could be lost forever with the Maze falling deep into the pits of purgatory!

InHuman Emergence: Innocence


• Retail Price- $14.95


Owen was an average teenage boy before he took the pill; the one which gave him psychic powers he had never imagined were possible. At the party there was a raid, and now he has the attention of certain government officials. With the government investigating his every move, he finds he will have to do more than he expected to elude them.