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Young Adult

Silent Cries


To young Randy Collins, the only thing he could do was run away. He was sure his dad was involved in dogfighting, and Randy had to protect his dog Cookie, a Pit Bull. Follow Randy's adventures through the foothills of Central Pennsylvania. Learn how he threw the search party off his trail, how he hid on an Amish farm, and how he hooked up with a mountain woman who had an agenda all her own.









Silent Fears


Someone is stealing horses, but who and why? So many horses from the same surrounding farmland are disappearing. Follow the trail of these stolen horses bound for slaughter in Canada and find out how a team of rough riders is called into action.








Silent Suspicions


Dr. Susan West had her hands full. Many of her equine clients were anemic even though they had no other health issues. Dr. West had no clue what was going on until she confronted her vet tech. Find out what Adelphi Labs was sending to the old abandoned school building where a bizarre horse experiment was in progress behind locked doors.











Betsy Blossom Brown


Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Betsy Blossom Brown is a coming-of-age story about a young girl who journeys from being an observer of life to a participant. Her seemingly idyllic life with her privileged South Carolina family is turned upside down, revealing truths and disarming pretensions.  She’s independent, opinionated, and brave. Uncertainty enters her life when she and her mother move to the Appalachian region until, through a series of unsettling events, she sheds her uncertainty and learns to embrace life.  The graphite illustrations help to understand the depth of Betsy Blossom Brown, as she sketches her way through life recognizing her mild Asperger syndrome, without letting it curb her appetite for life.



Paperback Retail Price: $10.95


Wind, waves--and a broken boat oar--force four teenagers from the suburbs into a saltwater swamp. There, they struggle to survive while constantly getting sidetracked in conversation. This comical adventure also becomes a fiery debate between two types of teens: ones who dream to make a difference and those who never dare to be different.


"Swamped!" is a story of ending up in a difficult situation and learning to deal with people you may not know very well. It's a hiking tale, too, and loaded with dialogue. It also a first-person account by a character called "Apple Jelly" -- a 16-year-old who comes of age as the plot thickens and the story unfolds.

The Purple Bird


Paperback Retail Price: $21.95


No matter how long he has yearned to escape his boring life as an ordinary teenager, nothing can prepare James Shannassy for the afternoon when he meets a figment bird called Archit and the two of them set off for the world of Nalgordia to break a centuries-old curse. Being the hero of his own fantasy adventure isn't exactly what James expected it to be, but when he finds himself caught up in an epic fight against a force of evil, he knows he might be the only one able to stop it. Archit's fate now rests entirely in his hands...and there's no turning back now!

The Shadow Dogs


Paperback Retail Price: $13.95


From across the ocean to the Carolina Mountains comes a boy and his faithful yellow dog. Set in Colonial frontier times John is no stranger to adversity. Join John in a tangled web of lies and deceit, as he fights to survive while seeking his destiny. As John's adventure unfolds, see him struggle with his own inner demon, fight in the Battle of King's Mountain, and discover his connection to the mystical Shadow Dogs. John's story is one of both joy and heartbreak that you'll never want to end.

Next Summer: City On A Hill Series Book 2


Paperback Retail Price: $13.95


When lifelong best friends, Da Juan and Sterling, head to school on the first day of their senior year, they are excited to be the top dogs.They never expected their rookie history teacher to throw down the gauntlet on the first day and make a challenge that would engulf the whole senior class, but that's exactly what he does. This group of friends, however, backs down from no one and nothing. In their last year of high school and the mission trip that becomes their journey the next summer, they prove there is nothing that true friendship cannot overcome. From school books to pranks, to lending a helping hand to giving your life, these friends hold nothing back and carve out a legacy that will propel them into the rest of their lives.

If Only: City On A Hill Series Book 1


Paperback Retail Price: $13.95


Guardian Angel, Thaniel, is struggling. His greatest weakness, his love for humans, is also his greatest strength. For centuries, he has cared for and looked after people, trying to lead them to God. Things are not working out the way he believes they should and another funeral is more than he can bear. Failure looms over every step he takes, but things aren't always as they seem. Life goes on and Thaniel must as well. How?

Imprisoned Heart


• Retail Price- $7.00


A young woman, Andy Cedano, slips through the prison system as a young man. From the beginning, Andy was not supposed to be there, and certainly not have a man, Lenny, for a cellmate. She found herself attracted to her cellmate. How long could she keep her identity hidden? What would happen if Lenny found out that she was a woman? How could she explain? Would their friendship deepen or would Lenny reject her? Will honesty be enough to become the love story of their lives?

Anarchy in America


• Retail Price- $10.95


What would it be like without Washington? What would it be like without the state? No taxes, no welfare, no grants, no laws, no police, no restraints except what we put upon ourselves creates the backdrop in Anarchy in American. Could you shoot a bow? Could you survive off the land? Sew your own clothes? Would the skills you know be enough to survive? Luke and Sophia, brother and sister, left orphaned, were forced to answer these questions. They only have each other. Their world fell apart and anarchy reigned all around them. Anarchy in American takes you on their journey of survival. Exciting and great young adult reading.



• Retail Price- $10.95


Enjoy the action, suspense, and humor in this newest sequel of the Adventures in the Glade Series. Just when Davy, Racer and family think all is well in the sacred woods, Cousin Ronnie is determined to get back at those he believes are responsible for his embarrassing demise. His revengeful acts release an evil spirit that just might be more than the Old Ones and Davy together can overcome. Scheming Ronnie has plans for revenge!



• Retail Price- $12.95


Every child needs an invisible talking squirrel. Racer, the True Squirrel of the Old Ones, is back! In Redemption, the story of The Glade continues, with young Davy Murray beginning to learn what it means to be the 'chosen one' and deepening his faith. Redemption is an enchanting story. Reverend, True Owl of the Old Ones, is in dire peril. Only ten-year-old Davy Murray, the Chosen One, can save him and redeem The Glade from complete destruction. But Davy comes to understand this is not something he can accomplish on his own. He must rely upon the Good Shepherd to see him and his friends through. And with wicked Cousin Ronnie scheming against them, Davy needs all the help he can get!


Go to www.gladetrilogy.wix.com/theglade to order.



• Retail Price- $12.95


Revelation may be the most action-packed entry in the Glade Series and Adventures of the Glade. Filled with a romance, sorrow, a rafting trip gone awry, and the evil cousin Ronnie who is up to nefarious no-good. The 'Old Ones' are watching over Davy and his family. The plot thickens when the 'Old Ones' realize evil Cousin Ronnie is plotting other ways to lay hands on the Glade. Through their spying and reconnaissance efforts, they present the evidence to Davy's family and Sheriff Peabody. But will that evidence be enough to keep Ronnie at bay, or will the need for irrefutable proof force the 'Old Ones' to take the greatest risk of all? Fun reading from teens to young at heart.


Go to www.gladetrilogy.wix.com/theglade to order.

Lost Creek


• Retail Price- $12.95


Dixie Mason is just beginning to get used to her new home when she catches her mother sneaking out at midnight with a car full of teenage boys. As she begins searching for answers, she stumbles on an old book and a secret society. Dixie then finds a boy who is willing to help her find the answers she is so desperately seeking. Will Dixie find much more than she bargained for in her small East Tennessee town? Join the journey from the beginning in the first book of the exciting new series Lost Creek Saga, LOST CREEK.

Lost Creek Rising


• Retail Price- $12.95


From the moment Dixie Mason caught her mother sneaking out of the house with a group of teenaged boys, who, unbeknownst to Dixie, were members of the Lost Creek Peace Society, she began to fall in love with not only the secret society but also its hottest member, farm boy Wade McClaine. As Dixie learned more and more about the society that had been helping to prevent wars for years, she couldn't wait to become a member. When she believes she will finally get her chance to be part of the Lost Creek Peace Society the waters around her seem to be rising as she tries desperately to use her gift while stumbling upon Wade's secret. In this second installment of the Lost Creek Saga series, will Dixie have to choose between the society and Wade? Lost Creek Rising holds the answers readers everywhere have been waiting for since the ending of last year's exciting debut of Lost Creek.

Marty Matters


• Retail Price- $10.95


What if you were tired of moving from town to town because of your father? What if you hated your mother because she would do nothing about it? What if you had no friends and you were constantly harassed by a bully? How would you survive another move with all its new challenges? Find out how one middle school boy deals with these challenges in MARTY MATTERS. When Marty moves to a new town, he turns his anger from his mother and father to the school bully. Marty finds it difficult to make friends because he is "different." After several weeks of what seems like torture in his new school, Marty makes a new friend. His friend, however, is not of the human kind. Boots is a dog that becomes Marty's friend and makes his life tolerable, until Boots' life is placed in jeopardy because of his own actions. Marty must make a decision as to how Boots' future will play out. Will Marty be able to make the difficult decision? What will happen to them both? Find the answers to these questions and more when you read MARTY MATTERS.

Marty Mayhem


• Retail Price- $10.95


In this sequel to MARTY MATTERS, Marty Mitchell attempts to find a new normal after the sudden death of his father and moving back to his grandparents' farm in Virginia. He knows nothing is the same as before his father's death, but he feels he must try to make life tolerable for his mother. Marty believes it is a job his father would have wanted him to do. He pushes his own feelings and happiness aside to put his mother first. When someone else comes into the picture who wants to take care of his mom, too, Marty is conflicted about what to do. Marty also faces the challenge of beginning yet another new school. He fears he will once again be the target of constant bullying and the poster child for loneliness. He knows the roles all too well. However, Marty finds himself in an unfamiliar role in his new school. Whatever else he faces, Marty and his dog, Boots, find daily life at the farm to be wonderful. While Boots roams the fields and chases critters, Marty feeds the animals and tends to chores. Things seem to be going well until an unmarked package arrives in the mail. Its simple presence indicates danger for his family as well as his friend Mark. Marty finds himself in a situation he has no control over; a situation that jeopardizes the life of his best friend, Boots.



• Retail Price- $9.95


Swept overboard during a storm, Hallie is thrown into the mysterious world of MerMountain. With the quick action of a mermaid princess, Hallie is sprinkled with coral dust and magically becomes a mermaid. Entering into this mystical realm of the sea, Hallie fears her sister, Lily and her father have drowned. Refusing to accept that her family is gone, with the help of her newfound friends, she embarks on a search of the ocean and finds they also have been saved.


Hallie’s experiences beneath the sea are filled with days of swimming with dolphins, dodging the jaws of sharks and discovering a world she has never seen before that is filled with the glowing lights of hidden cities, priceless gems and the truth of the legend of mystical sea creatures.

Surviving Monster Middle School


• Retail Price- $9.95


Jade doesn't remember her past. All she knows is that she is trapped at a boarding school for monsters! Who's to blame for her brain wipe? Every monster seems to be a suspect, including her best friends and roommates- Opal, Sapphire, and Ruby. Jade is determined to find the answers and regain her memory-no matter the cost!

Breadline Blue


• Retail Price- $12.95


Sixteen-year-old William Saxton, called Blue, lies awake every night listening to the buzzsaw of his sickly father's lungs and worrying about his mother. Blue writes to Eleanor Roosevelt in Washington, D.C., asking for help, but she doesn't answer. With no more than food from the family icebox and a fishing pole, Blue runs away intending to hop the rails to D.C. where he plans to confront the First Lady. Blue is not prepared for the extent of the journey ahead, where he meets people who will help him, and others who have only their own interests in mind. Faced with hunger and the elements, but equipped with self-determination, Blue succeeds in reaching his destination. But the journey has changed his purpose, and Blue will never be the same.

Dreams of Amelia


• Retail Price- $12.95


Love-at-first-sight sparks memories of a past love, blindsiding 17-year-old Norah James after her move to Amelia Island, FL, from Toronto, Canada. Meeting Ryan Flynn, her rescuer from an ocean riptide—and the boyfriend of her new friend Ashley—unleashes her psychic abilities and prompts memories of a past life on the enchanting island. Norah’s nemesis from that life has also returned as Ashley’s brother, Elliot. An earthbound spirit, an ominous hurricane, and a missing child add to the complications of Norah and Ryan’s blossoming romance. Ultimately, Elliot’s violent actions lead to a life-threatening confrontation. Will the knowledge of the past lead to a different outcome this time around?

A Trip, A Tryst and A Terror


• Retail Price- $10.95


Spending the summer at Grandpa Will's farm with his family is the last thing ten-year-old Davy Murray wants. How will he survive without his friends, the pool and his computer? There isn't even a television at Grandpa's house! Doesn't anyone see how miserable he will be? In his frustration, Davy turns his anger on his mother, Kate, his sister, Anna, and especially his stepfather, Jim. Davy is determined to make their summer as dismal and disappointing as he believes his will be. But, then, Davy has a most surprising and unexpected encounter . . . one which will change his heart, and his world, forever.

Children In The Garden


• Retail Price- $10.95


Green tomatoes flying through the air! A church picnic gone awry! A brooding rattlesnake ready to strike! An all-too-close encounter with Cousin Ronnie's surly sons! These are just a few of the many adventures which await Davy and his friend, Grey, True Squirrel of the Old Ones, in Book 2 of The Glade Series, Children in the Garden. But, the adventures are only part of the story . . .As the relationship between Davy and Grey, blossoms, so does Davy's confidence, courage and determination to never revert to the angry boy he used to be. He discovers the meaning of true friendship, and decides that his family, even his stepfather, Jim, might not be so bad after all . . .

The Moment of Truth


• Retail Price- $10.95


In The Moment of Truth, Book 3 of The Glade Series, ten-year-old Davy Murray's adventures continue not only with his friend, Grey, True Squirrel of the Old Ones, but with all the other mystical, magical creatures of The Glade whom he finally meets. Davy is beside himself with joy and wonder at it all. But, the idyllic quickly spirals into the horrific when the plans of crooked Cousin Ronnie threaten the home and the lives of Davy's new friends. It is up to Davy to help them, but will his plan work? Will he be able to save them in time? Don't miss the exciting conclusion to The Glade Series trilogy!

Sara Jane is a Pain


• Retail Price- $10.95


For Liz McCormick, life seems good, as along as she can avoid dealing with her self-centered teenage sister, Sara Jane. Liz and her family live on a small farm where she takes care of animals and helps her parents with the chores. Sara Jane is too wrapped up in her social life, and is practically glued to her cell phone. When Liz's parents go away for a weekend, they decide to leave Sara Jane in charge. Suddenly, life takes a horrible turn for Liz, as Sara Jane becomes a great big pain. SARA JANE IS A PAIN is written for middle grade readers and depicts what life is like as experienced through eleven-year-old Lizzie McCormick. Liz is a tomboy who enjoys country life, being outdoors, and caring for her farm animals. Meanwhile, her big sister Sara Jane is a seventeen-year-old who is wrapped up in fashionable clothes, makeup, and texting her friends. The siblings differ greatly and despite their constant feuding, ultimately they realize they share one common bond; sisterly love. SARA JANE IS A PAIN is the first in a new series of books called "The Tale of Two Sisters," involving the dynamic relationship experiences between big and little sisters. You can follow the series on Facebook at Fans of Spindler Writing.

Life According to Liz


• Retail Price- $10.95


Sixth grade is not starting off great for 11-year-old Liz McCormick. Her best friend, Veronica, ditched her to hang out with the popular kids, she humiliates herself at the big homecoming parade and to top it all off, she has to come home every day to her pain of a big sister, Sara Jane. How is it that two sisters can be so different? Not only does Liz have school to worry about, but she also is preparing her unpredictable goat, Ginny for the 4-H Festival, and she discovers her parents are having financial difficulties. As her twelfth birthday draws nearer, Liz wonders how she is going to make it through the ever-changing world of middle school. Sixth grade continues, and Liz faces more challenges that come with growing up. She begins to realize that maybe boys aren't so gross, that true friends are hard to find and that you can always count on family. As her tastes and priorities change along with everything else in her life, Liz discovers that becoming a teenager isn't as bad as she thought, and maybe she and Sara Jane are more alike than they think.

Moving Out and Moving On


• Retail Price- $12.95


Moving Out and Moving On is the final book in The Tale of Two Sisters. This book concludes the story of Liz and her older sister, Sara Jane. Liz and her parents busily prepare for Sara Jane’s graduation from high school and departure for college. Sara Jane can’t wait to leave her rural community and enter into an exciting and vibrant campus life. Each of the McCormick sisters is eager to embark on their new separate lives. Liz muddles through the unpredictable halls of Franklin Middle School and struggles with her fears when making new friendships. Meanwhile, Sara Jane ventures to the same college as her new hunky quarterback boyfriend. But Sara Jane’s dreams shatter when her best friend becomes a nightmare of a roommate and the challenges of college take their toll. The sisters discover that being on their own isn’t as great as they thought it would be. They must find a way to reconnect their relationship before their worlds turn even farther upside down.

Malina and the Lost Art


• Retail Price- $10.95


Almost every town has a creepy old house that causes people to whisper. For Malina Mason the problem is her parents are making her live in it. While her parents spend all of their time and money remodeling the town's largest historical home, Malina feels condemned to poverty and boredom. She knows this latest house is different from any they have lived in before, but what Malina doesn't know is this house holds a secret and possibly a treasure. It is a secret only Malina can discover and a mystery only she can solve. But will the truth end her family's problems or make things much ... much ... worse? One thing is certain, Malina is about to stop feeling bored.